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The Bridge on Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

The main goal in Alcatraz is to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. You will need to travel to the Bridge in order to upgrade weapons, get the Golden Spork, Upgrade Hell's Retriever, and complete the Easter Egg.

The only way to get to the Bridge is to build the plane and fly it off of the Roof of the prison. The four prisoners are attempting to escape the prison. But instead they will crash onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

In order to leave the Bridge you will need to enter Afterlife by using the electrical chairs. This will cause you to return to the prison.

In this article I will discuss:

  • How to travel to the Bridge
  • What can be found on the Bridge
  • The Bridge layout
  • Why you want to travel to the Bridge
  • Returning from the Bridge


How to Travel to The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge can not be accessed directly from the Prison. In order to go to the Bridge you will need to first collect all the plane parts and then build the plane on the Roof. Once the plane is built you can activate the takeoff sequence and fly to the Bridge.

  • All four players can board the plane at the same time.
  • The plane will need to be refueled for addition trips to the bridge.
  • The gas cans needed to refuel the plane will appear at the start of the round following the last players return from the Bridge.


What Can be Found on The Golden Gate Bridge

The large open area is often used to Train zombies.
The large open area is often used to Train zombies. | Source

The Golden Gate Bridge Layout

The Golden Gate Bridge is basically a big square playable area. There is a large open area directly in the middle and various obstacles on both sides. On one side you have the Pack-A-Punch Machine, four electric chairs, a large tower, and several crates. The other side has several crates with a small open area behind them.

During the start of each round at least one Security Guard will appear shortly after the zombies start spawning in. The number of Guards increase by one for each consecutive round on the bridge with a maximum of five guards.

When you first arrive on the Bridge the area that holds the electric chairs is empty. The chairs will appear as the first Security Guard enters the area. The chairs will remain there until all players leave the Bridge.

Complete the Easter Egg to get the 'Pop Goes the Weasel' Achievement.
Complete the Easter Egg to get the 'Pop Goes the Weasel' Achievement. | Source

Why You Want to Travel to The Golden Gate Bridge

The main purpose of going to the Bridge is to upgrade weapons using the Pack-A-Punch Machine. As the rounds progress the need for an upgraded weapon increases. There are various secondary reasons to travel to the Bridge.

  • You will need to get kills with your Hell's Retriever on the Bridge in order to upgrade it.
  • You can not start the steps for the Golden Spork until you have traveled to the Bridge at least once.
  • You can not see the Crystal Skulls in Afterlife until you have been to the Bridge at least one time.
  • You will need to fly to the bridge three times in order to finish a step in the Easter Egg, and once more while in Afterlife in order to complete the Easter Egg.

Returning to The Prison

Sooner or later you will need to leave the Bridge in order to get more ammo or Perks. The only way to leave the Bridge is to use the electric chairs to enter Afterlife. In order to do this you will need to stand close to the electric chair and press your action button. You will then get into the electric chair and be electrocuted.

Your body will appear in the Cell Blocks in the same general location that you started the game. You will need to find your body and revive yourself. Players will keep all perks and weapons when they enter Afterlife in this way.


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      yo momma 

      7 years ago

      Ok thanks dude you reallynhelped me out with the crystal skulls


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