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The Characters of Starcraft

Updated on August 9, 2016

Spoiler Alert

Starcraft is a wonderful yet complicated game. There are many back stories in the game that give us new peaks into the complex universe surrounding Starcraft. Many people call the Koprulu Sector home, and lots of them make appearances throughout the Starcraft games. Here I will break down each of the characters that play a role in the Starcraft series (I will keep it to the important people though). I won’t talk about many of the characters featured in first Starcraft game because most of them no longer have a role in the series. I don’t want to confuse those people who began with Starcraft 2.

(Spoiler Alert: This breakdown assumes that you’re completely caught up with the Starcraft series. If you haven’t played Wings of Liberty yet, I would advise you stop reading now.)


The Protoss


Zeratul is a Dark Templar that plays as the main protagonist for the Protoss. Zeratul is responsible for teaching Tassadar how to use Dark Templar abilities. He is responsible for the attack on the Zerg Overmind through the defeat of its Cerebrates first. He goes on a mission after this to discover the truths behind Zerg/Protoss hybrids that are being created all over the Koprulu Sector. Zeratul is leader behind the attempt to bring all of the Protoss back together. He is a very secretive Protoss but he is very loyal to his race and his people.


Artanis is a High Templar that is responsible for the initial defense against the Zerg on Aiur. He is a powerful military commander that is eventually sent away from Aiur to find Tassadar and bring him to justice. He is a strong believer of the need to bring the Dark Templar back to the Protoss and he is very loyal to Tassadar. Because of this he agrees to help bring back the Dark Templar to Aiur. After the civil war that breaks out upon their return he sides with Tassadar and eventually helps with the defeat of the Overmind. With the fall of Aiur he helps organize the Protoss evacuation to Shakuras, the Dark Templar home world. There he helps eradicate the Zerg from Shakuras before traveling to Char to confront Kerrigan for the murder of three Protoss leaders. They are defeated and he returns to Shakuras where he becomes the hierarch, and continues to try healing the rift between the Dark Templar and the rest of the Protoss.


Tassadar is a High Templar who first made contact with the Terran race on the planet of Chau Sara when he destroyed the planet to prevent the outbreak of the Zerg. He finds strength in the Terran race and goes against his orders to destroy Mar Sara. He decides to take the battle to Zerg and tracks them to their home planet of Char. On this planet he becomes allies with Jim Raynor and Zeratul. He learns the Dark Templar Zeratul’s powers and finally contacts his home planet. When Aiur learns of his betrayal they send Artanis to arrest him and bring him back. Artanis sides with Tassadar though and comes back with him and the Dark Templar. Only through the effectiveness of the Dark Templar against the Zerg is Tassadar saved. Tassadar leads an attack directly to the Zerg Overmind on Aiur. Channeling all the power of the Dark Templar and the High Templar he crashes his Carrier into the Overmind. He is believed to be dead upon impact, but he later reappears through the series as a spirit that “transcended” to a new level of existence.


Selendis is Executor of the Protoss at the beginning of Wings of Liberty. Selendis appears through the campaign as the Protoss force that tries to destroy the planet Haven to prevent Zerg infestation. Jim Raynor is given two choices at this point in the campaign that determines the outcome here. Jim Raynor is greeted as an old friend by Selendis. She eventually dies near the end of the campaign in an attempt to defend against the Zerg and Hybrids. Her last words are an apology to Tassadar for not being stronger. She is a protégé of Artanis and believes that the Dark Templar should not be brought back into the Protoss but she is alright with fighting alongside them. She is very passionate about her religion and her responsibility for her people.

Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor
Arcturus Mengsk
Arcturus Mengsk
Matt Horner
Matt Horner
Tychus Findlay
Tychus Findlay
Valerian Mengsk
Valerian Mengsk
November Annabella Terra
November Annabella Terra

The Terran

Jim Raynor-

Jim Raynor is a mercenary that called Mar Sara his home at the outbreak of the Great War. He served as a Marshal on the planet and he was arrested by the Terran Confederacy for fighting the Zerg and trying to free the people of his planet. He was rescued by the Sons of Korthal, lead by Arcturus Mengsk. He becomes Mengsk’s right hand man and together with Sarah Kerrigan they bring down the Confederacy through the use of a psi-emitter on Tarsonis. Jim Raynor grew a strong connection with Sarah Kerrigan and when she was left on Tarsonis to be consumed by the Zerg Raynor felt betrayed by Mengsk. Raynor broke free from the Sons of Korthal and led his own group called Raynor’s Raiders, in a constant attempt to bring down Mengsk and the tyranny he was only too late to see. He still loves Kerrigan and he is haunted by what she has become.

Arcturus Mengsk-

Mengsk is the current “emperor” of the Koprulu Sector, as far as the Terran are concerned. Spurned as a young boy by the murder of his Father, Mother and Sister, he set out on a mission to bring down the Confederacy. Through a series of guerilla warfare and lots of betrayal, Mengsk eventually completed his mission and crowned himself ruler of the Terran Dominion. He is well known for being a very intelligent and strategic ruler, but he doesn’t empathize with people and he has a great ability of manipulation. He is still the current ruler over the Terran at this moment.

Matt Horner-

Matt is Raynor’s second in command and the pilot of Raynor’s battlecruiser, the Hyperion. Horner, just like Raynor, began as a supporter of Mengsk, but after the Dominion attacks innocent people he becomes disgusted with Mengsk. Captured by Raynor’s determination and passion, Horner follows him when he leaves Mengsk. Matt Horner is the Jiminy Cricket to Jim Raynor. He is constantly keeping his leader on the right path and comforting him that what happened to Kerrigan is not his fault. He battles right alongside Raynor to return Kerrigan to what she once was.

Tychus Findlay-

Tychus is an old friend of Raynor’s that met him during their fighting against the Confederacy for Mengsk. Since then Tychus was captured and incarcerated. Tychus returns to Raynor and his raiders to help out with bringing down the Queen of Blades and Mengsk. Tychus brings with him connections to a company known as the Moebius Foundation. Through them they search for Xel’Naga artifacts throughout the Koprulu Sector. Later on we learn that Tychus has been on a leash and must do the bidding of his master or die. He traded his freedom for the life of Sarah Kerrigan. His master, we find out, is actually Arcturus Mengsk.

Valerian Mengsk-

Valerian is the son of Arcturus, and the heir to the Terran Dominion throne. As a child Valerian was pushed to the side by his Fathers disgust for both him and his Mother. He is constantly trying to prove his worth to his Father. Because of this, he goes on a search to gather Xel’Naga artifacts and to eventually bring down the Queen of Blades. His character is very intelligent, and very confident. He has a love for archaeology and old guns.


November Annabella Terra is a woman who has been through a lot. She is the daughter of a wealthy Confederate family on Tarsonis and though she had great psionic potential her Father didn’t want to see her put in a Ghost Academy. Her family is eventually killed in a resistance movement and she flees to the undercity where she becomes a thief. She is rescued during the Zerg attack on Tarsonis by the Dominion and Mengsk has her trained as a Ghost.

The Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan
The Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan
The Overmind
The Overmind

The Zerg

Sarah Kerrigan-

Though she partially belongs in the Terran section, Sarah Kerrigan plays as a Zerg infested Ghost for most of the Starcraft series. She is betrayed by Mengsk who she once served alongside Jim Raynor, who she had feelings for. As he Queen of Blades she is the leader of the Zerg Swarm after she defeats the Overmind and gains control over all the Zerg Broods. Kerrigan is the main Antagonist of the entire Starcraft series, yes even more than Arcturus. Kerrigan is on a rampage to kill Mengsk after what he did to her. She is eventually stopped by Raynor and his use of the Xel’Naga artifacts to revert her back to a human form. Zeratul insists that Kerrigan plays a pivotal role in the future existence of sentient life in the universe. Only she can one day prevent total annihilation by the Zerg Swarm and its Hybrid rulers, and the Dark Voice.


The Overmind is the hivemind of the Zerg that was created by the Xel’Naga. At some point it was enslaved by the “dark voice” and was turned against its creator. At the command of the Overmind the Zerg consumed the Xel’Naga. They learn of the Protoss and have a hunger to assimilate with them to be “perfect” in their creator’s eyes. In order to accomplish this, the Overmind directs the Zerg to first assimilate with the psionic capable Terran to gain enough strength to attack the Protoss. The Overmind creates Sarah Kerrigan at this point because he knows that she is the only hope. The Overmind has been enslaved by the dark voice and it knows that Kerrigan holds the secret for defeating it. The Overmind is destroyed after Zeratul kills one of its Cerebrates, Zasz. The Overmind finds the location of Aiur through a connection created with Zeratul at the death of Zasz. It immediately launches an attack on Aiur and moves all of its forces to the planet. The Overmind is eventually killed by Tassadar when his Carrier crashes into it.


Cerebrates are commanders of broods that make up the Zerg Swarm. They are the only Zerg with sapient thought, along with the Overmind, who are charged with guiding the Zerg under command of the Overmind and later Kerrigan. They each have their own personality, but they aren’t capable of disobeying their master. The death of a Cerebrate causes the brood under it to be cut loose from the rest of the Zerg Swarm. A Cerebrate can only be killed by the psionic powers of the Protoss. The highest ranking Cerebrate is Daggoth. He is the strongest of all the Cerebrates and is responsible for training the player character in Starcraft. He is charged with the safekeeping of Kerrigan before her transformation, and with the protection of the Overmind. Later Daggoth orders the other Cerebrates to combine and form a new Overmind after the loss of the first Overmind. Another important Cerebrate in the series is Zasz. It is with his death that Zeratul finds the weakness of the Overmind and inevitably leads the Zerg to Aiur.


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    • BraidedZero profile imageAUTHOR

      James Robertson 

      6 years ago from Texas

      The campaign of all the games is great! I completely agree. Thanks for the comment.

    • Literary Geisha profile image

      Literary Geisha 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      brings back memories! not much of the team against team type but i do love the campaign.


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