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The Comprehensive Guide to making a Warrior

Updated on December 10, 2011

The Warrior

Strength is his middle name.
Strength is his middle name. | Source


Why should you choose the warrior?

  • Tons of HP
  • The 2nd best tanker in Cabal
  • Fast leveling
  • Several AOE skills
  • Flashy skills too
  • Very cool armor
  • Very thick and high-DEF armor
  • You've got me to guide you

The Warrior wields weapons like the Great Sword and the Daikatana. Both weapons differ in the way that Great Swords have increased ATK while Daikatanas have increased ATK Rate and M-ATK. Which should you choose? It all depends on how you build on your warrior later (or you can ditch the build and go for a hybrid, both weapons can be chosen but its to your disavantage, I'll tell you why later).

But then, there are a few cons to the Warrior:

  • Low DPS
  • You seriously suck at PvPs.

Why do you have low DPS? First thing: Your skills have very low add. DMG during the first few ranks (e.g. Novice -> Expert). This can be shown later at the bottom when I introduce you the skill builds and stuff.

Second thing: You have very little or none range skills. Range stuff matters a lot in PvP. Let say you're a lvl 120 warrior and you're PvPing a lvl 100 Force Archer. Basically, let say both of you are of different skill ranks. The level difference is 20, but however, a Force Archer and easily knock you out with a few combos and stuff. Why?

If an FA shoots a Drilled Shot, it doesn't miss, you got knocked down the FA can do whatever he wants to do with you. You only have 4 range skills (sword): Charge, Force Kick, Sword Cannon, Seisimic Wave. All which you can use to stun your opponent, and then combo the crap out of him. Important is, you seriously need very good buffs in order to protect yourself, it's best to have a A.Master rank, and when you're lvl 100, then you can go and rampage and PvP all the people! :D

So let's start on the guide, shall we?

The Builds of a Warrior


Ok, so you've got a warrior. Now, before you even start on it, you'd better ask yourself, what kind of warrior do I want it to be? Do you want to be a rampant, unstoppable force or do you want to be a walking fortress of death?

The Fortress Build:

So, you want to be walking fortress eh? Ok, so let me tell you how to make one fortress (not really, but then it's just for referencing, but you can always take my word).


  • You're useful for tanking hordes and hordes of mobs so you can protect the weaker ones.
  • You're very thick, making you last a bit longer in PvP.
  • You do not need to worry about bosses killing you at all. (You can solo Ruina Station without dying and only using 10 - 20 Lvl 3 HP Pots)


  • You have suckish DPS.
  • You require AMP+DB Armor.
  • You need to have weapon that can increase your Crit Rate.
  • You would waste a lot of money on all the armor and weapon. $$$

Your stat distribution: By now, you would've realised that your STR is really high. Your primary focus is STR. So, at every even (2,4,6..) level, add STR 4 DEX 1. At every odd level, add STR 4, INT 1. You stray off this path sometimes to get the armor you always wanted but remember to continue back to this stat distribution thing again.

The Rampaging Barbarian:

So, you want to be a super damage dealer but still be able to tank a few hordes of mobs? Welcome to the land of Stone Age. Well, not really, but you basically are just a simple-minded warrior rampaging and killing everything you see.


  • You can deal high damage.
  • You can still tank damage as well as other builds.
  • You won't miss a lot (High ATK-rate).
  • You can deal Crit. Dmg.


  • You need to Skill Rank-up very fast. (Lvl 20 -> Apprentice, Lvl 35 -> regular, Lvl 50 -> Expert, Lvl 60 -> A. Expert, Lvl 75 -> Master, Lvl 85 -> A.Master, Lvl 100 -> G.Master, Lvl 120 -> Completer, Lvl 140 -> Transcender)
  • You need to focus on Sword Skill Amp. stuff and Add. DMG = $$$ up to 70mil, everyone seriously OPed the whole thing.

You use Daikatanas, because of their higher ATK-Rate (but you can always ditch that and use the Great Sword, making you a Screwed Up Wanderer.) You excel in PvPs, basically when you Sword Cannon others you won't miss that much, at least 95% of the time, then you can also beat the crap outta your opponent.

The Hybrid Warrior:


  • You can use both Warrior weapons.
  • You don't really have an objective, so you can do whatever you like.
  • You have good DPS and good HP and/or DEF.
  • You mostly win in PvPs.


  • YOU DON'T HAVE AN OBJECTIVE. So you're basically just leveling for the heck of it.
  • You're boring.
  • You mostly win in PvPs, to certain classes => Low-level FBs and Bladers, Same-level FS and Warriors, Screwed-Up Wizards and FAs.

Your stat distribution is basically rather crazy -> STR 3 DEX 1 INT 1. Repeat again but this time is STR 2 DEX 2 INT 1, then STR 1 DEX 3 INT 1 then repeat the whole thing again. Good luck with your hybrid warrior. Challenge anyone and I bet you won't win for 10million Alz.

Your Skill Guide

Sword Skills:

Impact Stab (Novice 0): Piercing effect, good for the novice, but add it to level 9 for the quickest cooldown. Keep it, do not remove it, proves useful for fighting dummies for the skill exp.

Flash Draw (Novice 0): Area effect, you slash the monsters in front of you, add to level 9 and keep for dummy fighting.

Fade Step (Novice 0): Optional, moves back quickly from bosses. But you're a natural tanker so it's kinda useless. You can get it, if you do, max it to lvl 9. Comes handy in PvPs when avoiding FA's skills, making them waste it.

Impact Stab (Novice 12): Useless. Single target, no knockdown and stuff. Not even flashy, and the casting time is very slow for a novice. Get it so at least you get a third skill.

Heavy Slash (Apprentice 0): You bring your sword down, and smash it on your opponent. Useful, and has knockback. Get it and add it to lvl 9.

Dash (Apprentice 0): Get it, important. Max it.

Press Impact (Apprentice 12): Ditch your impact stab, and get this. Has AOE effect. Add it to level 9.

Rising Shot (Regular 0): DON'T YOU TOUCH THIS. Familiar? These 4 words are almost repeated in every guide, why? Single shot, low damage. It practically is pathetic because of it's existence.

Rising Blade (Regular 18): Upgraded version of Rising Shot, with AOE. Get it but don't add it above level 9.

Raging Thrust (Regular 37): Slow attacking skill, but worth getting for its AOE damage. Add to level 9

Charge (Expert 0): Good for PvP and bosses. Max it since you'll be using it 1 - 2 times for every PvP opponent or Boss.

Force Kick (Expert 0): PvP use. It's something like Charge, but then again, it has a ridiculous cooldown. Get it since it has very good range.

Rolling Crash (Expert 25): Very Good AOE. Ditch your Press Impact and add this skill to level 9.

Cascade Break (Expert 50): AOE skill. Ditch your Raging Thrust and get this. Why not the Rising Blade, you ask. Well, the Rising Blade is flashy, looks cool, and plus it's faster casting then Raging Thrust. Right now you deal low damage so you need fast skills.

Round Cut (A. Expert 0): Has knockback chance, get it and put it to level 9.

Spiral of Doom (A. Expert 63): You wield your sword 3 times around and surrounding opponents get damaged 3 times. Useful for PvE and horde-killing (throwing yourself to the center of many mobs and then letting them gather then giving your spiral of doom).

Sword Cannon (Master 0): Range skill. If your PvP opponent (esp. FAs) is Fade Stepping away, use this to knock that opponent down.

Terra Break (A. Master 0): AOE. This AOE skill is super crazy, very useful and can damage surround monsters. Slow cooldown, but then the add. damage is 4x higher than normal skills.

Whirlwind (G. Master 0): AOE. Crazy Spiral of Doom upgrade. Can bring dungeon mobs to half health while using this.

Seismic Wave (Completer 0): Ranged and super AOE of 5. You also get to decrease the HP of opponents by 10. Max it.

Sword Quake (Transcender 0): AOE. Get this skill, max it, then you can go on rampaging your opponents.

Magic Skills:

Regeneration: Add it to level 2. Keep it at that. Do not waste SP on adding shit on it.

Now you ask, why ain't I buying all those magic arrows and stuff, the thing is, magic stuff isn't your thing. You are never going to use magic stuff except Resist Intention, but nothing else is useful. You may want to train magic, but quests can already just throw you a few tens of thousands of skill EXP and your sword skill = magic skill.

Resist Intention: You have instant immunity, but then, get it for lulz. 8D

N.B. Get all sword buff skills, and max them. Buff skills are practically the 2nd layer of armor on the player, and a warrior without buffs is like a man without clothes standing in the middle of snow.

So that's about it, if you need more help, contact me in Cabal: FellenApple , i'm most willing to help anyone. I may not be a lvl 200 warrior, but I played this game before (then I quitted, then I got back again) and I reached lvl 190 so I know how to go about in a warrior.

Remember, this guide if for reference, however, if you find other guides that are better than mine, comment and I'll update it. Have fun being a Warrior.

Strength is his middle name.


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