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Wydowna Spider - The Daughter Of Arachne Doll From Monster High

Updated on May 10, 2013

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Monster High Wydowna - Daughter Of Arachne doll. We will take a close look at the character and what part the Wydowna Spider Doll plays in Monster High. Plus we will have a close look at the actual doll and let you know about possible release dates and prices and basically what the chances are of seeing the doll in the future.

Monster High is one of the most popular lines of toys out there at the moment. Mattel are the company behind the idea and they first brought these dolls out back in 2010. Along with the dolls they have created a whole storyline following the adventures of the ghouls of Monster High. There is an official website where you can watch all the cartoon episodes and there are games, books, puzzles and a whole host of merchandise on offer. Since these dolls were first introduced Mattel have made sure they bring out new and exciting characters to keep children interested. One of the latest new characters and dolls is Wydowna The Daughter Of Arachne. So let’s take a look at her.

The Wydowna Spider Prototype Doll

Wydowna Spider Doll

So if you follow the Monster High episodes you will realise that this character does not actually appear in the story. Hence she is a completely new character brought along by Mattel. We are unsure of when or even if she will be brought into the story, but we are assuming that at some point in the near future she will make an appearance. This news has now been confirmed and we know that we will soon be seeing more of Wydowna.

We were introduced to the Daughter Of Arachne doll back at Comic Con in 2011. There Mattel previewed three new doll prototypes and asked fans to vote which one they would like to see go into production. The vote was between Sarah Screams, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and of course the doll we are discussing. Fans voted in their thousands and Scarah Screams edged the vote and she was given her release a year later at Comic Con 2012 where she was brought out with Hoodude Voodoo in a limited edition pack. Also though at this years Comic Con Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was previewed as a future releases and so fans started to wonder if we would indeed see the Daughter Of Arachne doll brought out in the near future.

Well rumour has it that in June 2012 Mattel applied for the trademark to be accepted, hence we are assuming she will be brought out at a future date. This news has now been confirmed. At the SDCC 2013 we are expecting Wydowna Spider to be the new doll previewed. Hence we should see the actual doll coming out later in 2013. When it comes to an actual release date we are expecting this to be late summer so possibly August or September time. If we get an official release date we will let you know. We are assuming this will be quite an exclusive release so it may be a tricky one to get hold of, your best bet for the Wydowna Spider doll is probably going to be to look online.

As you can see from the picture the prototype of the doll looks really good. The main feature is of course that she will have eight arms to show her spider parenthood. She also has flame red hair and dresses in bright colors. When Mattel do indeed release this doll chances are it will be very popular as it does look like a quality design. As is always the case we expect you will get a brush, doll stand and of course a diary for Wydowna,

Hoodude Voodoo Doll

More New Monster High Dolls

So as well as the new Daughter Of Arachne doll Mattel have also been busy with some other new dolls and characters. The first of these we should mention is of course Scarah Screams. As we have already said she won the vote at Comic Con 2011 and thus has been brought out. She comes in a two pack with a brilliant Hoodude Voodoo doll. Scarah looks very ghostly in appearance and wears her usual lime green outfit. Hoodude looks really impressive, he is sown together really well and looks like a patchwork quilt in doll form. This twin pack has come out as a limited edition release so it is quite tricky to get hold of.

Another new doll that we got a glimpse of at Comic Con is the Headless Headmistress Bloodgood doll. Bloodgood is of course in charge at Monster High and she commands lots of respect from all the ghouls. Her doll looks excellent and as you would expect her head pops right off and she can hold it under her arm. One thing that may have made this release even more exciting would be if she came with her large black horse Nightmare. Maybe this is something that Mattel might think about in the future though. Rumours are that this doll will be coming out sometime early 2013.

As well as brand new dolls we will also be seeing remakes of classic characters. We should be getting a new Superhero theme of dolls and this will give us a few characters dressed up like superheroes. The big forthcoming release is going to be Ghoul’s Alive. This will feature some of the most well known ghouls in a way we have not seen them before. The dolls will basically seem alive in the fact that they have things that can do, so Clawdeen can howl, Spectra glows etc…

New Twyla Doll

The big release for the summer of 2013 is the Thirteen Wishes line. This is a whole new storyline in which we see two brand new characters introduced to the story. One of these is Twyla the daughter of the Boogie Man. She is a very quiet ghoul who likes to hide in the corners. She has a pet dust bunny called Dustin. The other new character is Gigi Grant, she is the main character in this special show and Howleen discovers her in a lamp, Gigi is the daughter of a genie and has the power to grant wishes. She has a little scorpion called Sultan Sting as a pet. These two new characters will have their very own new dolls brought out and these will include their very own pets.

We will also see Howleen Wolf and Lagoona Blue brought out in this range, they are quite basic versions of dolls, plus a Cleo De Nile play set which will have a little hot tub, some sun loungers and a palm tree. In addition there will be three party dolls who come in nice little dresses, these will be Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf. The party dolls also come with little decorative lanterns.

As you can see there is lots to look forward to for fans of Monster High. Chances are we will at some point see the new Daughter Of Arachne doll or Wydowna Spider brought out and then of course there are so many other new dolls and new lines of toys to look forward to. Monster High has fast become one of the most popular brands around and if Mattel continue to work as hard as they have been doing we expect this line of toys to run for a good few more years yet.


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      sue 5 years ago

      Cool monster high dolls

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      Hey cool new dolls