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The Differences between Arma 3 Alpha and Arma 2(Continuous)

Updated on March 6, 2013

Arma 2 was one of the most successful real war simulators to be ever made and it is still heavily played today, but now that Arma 3 has come out with it's alpha, the buzz surrounding Arma has been revived. Now realizing that Arma is in it's alpha and many more changes may still take place, we will look at the changes that have been introduced already and this article will change according to the new updates to the alpha.

Arma 2 was originally made for the military to use as a training game that would help with tactics, while Amra 3 is a game that is made for consumers, so much more money has been put into it so the game will be much more user friendly. The game as a overall is much less glitchy and has more fluid movements and easier movement across the battle field. The visuals of the terrain are greatly improved weapons and vehicles are both much more crisp and are graphically improved The two best improvements are the vastly improved and more detailed mission editor, with a greatly improved physics engine to go along with it. (To be continued)


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