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The Different Versions of The Simpsons Diecast

Updated on November 10, 2015

The Simpsons Diecast Review – some ground rules

The Simpsons originally started as a cartoon show in the 80s. It has received phenomenal success, numerous awards, and even expanded to movies, toys, etc…

The Simpsons Diecast discussed here includes:

  • The one manufactured by Johnny Lightning and part of their Hollywood on Wheels Series
  • Hotwheels Homermobile which is part of 2014 Hotwheels main line series
  • Other Simpsons Convention or special commemorative diecasts
  • Where to buy Simpsons diecast
  • Those that are not yet part of my collection

Johnny Lightning Simpsons –

For many years, diecast manufacturer Johnny Lightning seemingly holds sole exclusivity to produce cars or vehicles that appeared on the Simpsons show.

The four vehicles that Johnny Lightning produced are the following:

  • Homer’s pink car / sedan (this is the one that Homer usually drives)
  • Marge’s orange wagon
  • Chief Wiggum’s police car
  • Springfield’s Elementary school bus

It is quite easy to spot a Simpson’s diecast made by Johnny Lightning. This is because the packaging is clearly marked. It is usually bigger than their regular release and sports the label saying Simpsons or something.

Below are examples of Johnny Lightning Simpsons Diecast (the one from Amazon is the regular variant while the one from eBay is a "Hollywood On Wheels" variant):

But wait, the one you want and must have is The Simpsons HOLLYWOOD On WHEELS variant – it is rare and can be considered as holy grail for some collectors

Hollywood on Wheels Simpsons variant –

Johnny Lightning’s Hollywood on Wheels series is the company’s special line in releasing iconic vehicles that appeared in popular movies and TV shows.

The main distinguishing factor to look for is the “Hollywood on Wheels” label in front of the card / packaging. It is usually located on the upper right or left corners.

As can be seen on the samples above, there is no label of HoW (Hollywood on Wheels)

All four of my Simpsons diecast are part of the Hollywood on Wheels series and below are some photos (Additionally, listed on the packaging are the episodes where the vehicle has been featured)

Look for the Hollywood on Wheels label –

FYI please that even though Johnny Lightning is licensed to manufacture some / different movie cars, not each of those manufactured diecast are included in their Hollywood on Wheels series.

A good example would be Homer’s sedan.

The regular JL version does not have parking tickets on the windshield.
However, the one that is part of the HoW series has parking tickets (please refer on the photo at the right)

Hotwheel’s 2014 Homermobile!

From this point onwards, we will tackle The Simpsons diecast version of Hotwheels – the Homermobile

Season 2 Episode 15 –

Hotwheels’ Homermobile diecast appeared in S2 E15 (Season 2 | Episode 15) with the show title Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

In this episode, Homer was given full authority and freedom by his rich brother to design a car. Homer came up with this one -- Homermobile otherwise known as The Homer.

Unfortunately (given the bumbling character that he is), The Homer was a commercial failure – in fact, it was a disaster. Anyway, I won’t spoil it any further. The show might be available on various online channels or cable channels might play reruns.

The Homer Hotwheels Regular Line

Hotwheels did great a job with The Homermobile. This Simpsons diecast is an accurate representation of the one shown on the cartoons. The card design / package is also nice.

As can be seen on the photo above, it seems that there are two versions of this Hotwheels Simpson diecast that was manufactured for Mattel's main line. The window shade of the one on the left is visibly lighter compared to the one on the right. Although it is possible that the two came from different Mattel manufacturing factories.

The Homer (Hotwheels Retro Series)

For those who are not aware, aside from Hotwheels' regular line, Mattel also have a series similar to JL's Hollywood on Wheels series. HW call this particular series Retro Entertainment or simply Entertainment.

Just like JL's HoW, Hotwheel's retro series are composed of iconic movie cars that they seemingly acquired license to produce.

Another note worth mentioning is that, HW Simpsons diecast is called The Homer on the retro series - but The Homermobile on its mainline series.

Additionally, the welcome or introductory photo of this hub is the The Homer from Mattel's Retro Entertainment series. One can easily notice the difference (or rather huge improvement) the Entertainment series has over the basic line.

Anyway, below are some samples of The Homer (left) and other HW retro series (right)

Simpsons Diecast San Diego Comic Con exclusive –

The one below are exclusive (and rather pricey) Simpsons diecast from San Diego Comic Con. This is also produced by Hotwheels – and as can be seen, a great improvement in many aspects compared to its regular / main series counterpart.

Hotwheels Simpsons 2015

As can be seen on the Simpsons diecast above, Hotwheels have re-issued the Homermobile on a different card variation. On top of that, Mattel surprised collectors by releasing Homer's pink sedan for its basic line.

Looking back on the early portions of this post, Homer's pink sedan was released by toy manufacturer Johnny Lightning. JL's diecast is quite unique as it contained numerous detailed parking tickets on the windshield of the car.

However, HW's variation is also extra special as it has dents - literally! If one will examine closely, the vehicle on the card design has dents on the left side. The exact dents can also be found on the actual diecast model which is really cool.

Anyway, the Simpsons diecast on the left and right side are identical except for the packaging. Can you tell the difference?

That's just about it for this Simpsons Diecast article.

Movie cars diecast collecting has been around for some time now. It is not that popular but is currently gaining traction as can be seen from aggressive manufacturing of different diecast producers like Greenlight and Hotwheels.

Anyway, for more information about movie car diecast collecting, below are some good reads:


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