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The Easiest Card Trick In The World! Fool Your Friends!

Updated on September 22, 2012

A Regular Deck of Bicycle Playing Card

The 21 Card Trick

This card trick is possibly the easiest and the most amazing card trick on the planet. As well the oldest. Today, I'll be using 21 cards from a regular pack cards.

Count off 21 cards from the deck and line them up in 3 rows with 7 cards in each line. As seen above. Then ask a "victim" to memorize a card from the table and then ask them to point to which pile the selected card is in. For example, if the card chosen is the 6 of hearts, The spectator will then point to the middle pile. Once the spectator has pointed to the pile where his card is, square up the three piles as shown below.

Ensure all 3 packs don't get mixed up when squaring them up!
Ensure all 3 packs don't get mixed up when squaring them up!

So after doing this we want to make sure that the middle pile goes in the middle of the two outside piles. So pile one goes on top, pile two (with spectator's" chosen card) in the middle and pile 3 on the bottom. After doing that flip the pack so the face cards are showing and deal out the 21 cards again.Dealing from left to right into 3 piles like at the start of the trick. Ask the spectator to point to which pile his card is in. If it's on the far left pile mare sure that pile goes in the middle of the other two. So it's "sandwiched" between the other two!

Deal out one more time as before and ask which pile it's in again, repeat the step of squaring the pack and ensuring the pile that the spectator's card is the pack in the middle!! Very important.

After 3 deals of the cards it's time to reveal the chosen card. I have my own special ending to this trick which is AMAZING. But I'll show you the "beginners ending."

With the deck facing up (face cards not showing) say to the spectator that you will deal off cards one by one until you "feel" the chosen card. Begin to place each card one by one onto the table face down. What you are really doing is counting the cards in your head. Keep counting until you reach the ELEVENTH card, this will be their selected card. Pause at this card and do some 'acting or magic mumbo jumbo' or whatever you like and reveal the card, to their astonishment it will always be their selected card if done correctly!

If you want me to show my variation of the ending just ask in the comments! :)


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    • Tommyknocker profile image

      Andy Brown 5 years ago from Bullarto

      No worries mate, glad I could help you out. I've got plenty of card tricks that I might publish.

    • profile image

      Domenick Dicce 5 years ago

      My wife does this card trick all the time. Now I know the numbering system. Thanks. :)