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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Ash Mountain: Close the Scamp Caves

Updated on April 10, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The majority of quests in Elder Scrolls Online are triggered by an NPC near the area where you have to start the quest. Some traveling is necessary, but for the most part it's not excessive. That said, this article features a string of small, interconnected quests which will have you criss-crossing all over Stonefalls to see them completed...

This article jumps all over the place, ultimately ending at Ash Mountain. The first three quests are all about traveling and taking messages to other NPCs, hence you might as well get them over with one after the other. The only one that stinks of actual difficulty is the last one, so you can largely ignore the level of the quests when undertaking them. A careful and adventurous level one player could finish these off with relative ease.

Taking Precautions

Location: Tormented Spire, Fort Virak

NPC: Sees-Many-Paths

Level: 15

Reward: 42 gold

- The NPC that sparks this quest, Sees-Many-Paths, is a short ways east of the Ashen Roads Wayshrine. You'll find her standing off the road, at the base of the mountain, beside an unstable orange portal.

- Sees-Many-Paths is concerned by the instability of the wards blocking off Tormented Spire, which are responsible for keeping a mighty, vicious beast penned off from the world. She asks you to speak with her sister, Walks-in-Ash, in Fort Virak.

- Though Walks-in-Ash is the targeted NPC, you're actually looking for Sergeant Gjorring in Fort Virak. Hop to the Fort Virak Wayshrine in the far northwest of Stonefalls. Gjorring is standing out in the open with another quest NPC. Speak to him to pass the message along and receive your reward.

As for that other NPC...

A Higher Priority

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Alvos Orain

Level: 11

Reward: 34 gold

- If you're doing this quest immediately after finishing Taking Precautions, you'll find Alvos beside Gjorring. If not, he's standing in the open at Fort Virak.

- The crazy Covenant soldiers are at it again, and Alvos asks for you to go help out in nearby Vivec's Antlers. Agree to trigger the quest.

- Jump to the Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine, just outside Ebonheart. The camp you're looking for, as well as NPC Karalger, is a short jaunt up the northern road. Talk to her to end the quest...

... and then speak to the man beside her to start another one!

To the Mountain

Location: Vivec's Antlers, Ebonheart

NPC: Arethil

Level: 10

Reward: 32 gold

- Speak to Arethil, who's standing right beside Karalger. He doesn't need your help holding the beachhead - but some of his pals over at Ash Mountain could probably use your aid.

- Run back to a nearby Wayshrine and hop to the Orthrenis Wayshrine to the east, not far from Senie. Then head north, across the first bridge you see, to find a small camp. The NPC you're looking for is a kneeling man called Podalgar.

- ... quest complete?

Starting to get a bit silly, but continue across the next bridge to find a line of defenders at the base of Ash Mountain. Here you'll find another NPC, who sparks a meaningful quest at last...

Close the Scamp Caves

Location: Ash Mountain

NPC: Sergeant Jagyr

Level: 8

Reward: Scampstamper Sabatons, 28 gold

- Speak to Jagyr. He and his men are rather harried, as there are a ton of Scamps flowing out of caves at the base of Ash Mountain. He wants you to close off the caves in the area and make their jobs a little easier.

- Follow the fiery paths that lead up the mountain. As long as you stick to the main path without deviation you will easily find the first two caves along the way. You'll wind up fighting a mixture of Scamps , Flannfear, and Shalks in the process; all can be tough, though you can somewhat mitigate damage done by bolstering fire resistance.

- The third cave's a bit less obvious. Run along the slopes until you reach a lava flow. Walk down the edge of it to find fallen masonry you can use to get to the opposite bank. From here you can climb back up onto the mountain and double back to the west. The final cave is at the top of the ridge.

- Continue down the path from here. The final NPC, Captain Norra, is waiting on a platform nearby. Speak to her to end the quest.


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