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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Bleakrock Isle: Escape from Bleakrock

Updated on April 5, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Bleakrock Isle is done for, thanks to those stupid Covenant nutjobs, and the remaining townsfolk need to escape the village something fierce. It's up to Captain Rana and you to lead them safely out of the area before the Covenant sets everyone aflame. Are you up to the task of guiding hapless civilians through an ancient, deadly barrow? Or is this the end of the road for all those fretful NPCs...?

Escape from Bleakrock

Location: Bleakrock Village

NPC: Captain Rana

Level: 5

Reward: 93 gold

- In order to trigger Escape from Bleakrock you must first complete the quest Sparking the Flame, itself started by completing the larger quest line The Missing of Bleakrock. Speak to Captain Rana after putting out some fires in Bleakrock Village and you'll gain access to the area's last section, Last Rest.

Last Rest

- Dead ahead in this area is a series of spike traps. Run through them to the far side of the hallway and you'll find a switch. Hit it to open the way for the people of Bleakrock. You need to speak to Rana before the switch will activate.

- Speak to Rana again. She'll ask you to do some solo venturing. Go through the door to her right.

- The next room contains Skeletal Warriors, which form the backbone (pun intended) of this area's enemies. They're more or less the same as the enemies you fought in Skyshard Barrow, though a touch tougher. Plow your way through to the stairs at the far end of the first room and down the stairs, checking out the bookshelf in the final chamber before descending.

- Yaaaay, more spike traps. Weave your way through the traps to the southwest. There's a door you need to pop open for Rana. Follow her when she runs through the door, and go through the next door she indicates.

- The next large room, also populated by Skeletal Warriors, is home to several bookcases. Check them all and you'll get some small boosts to your stats. Once you've scoured the place, hit the switch on the podium by the far left wall. Pop through the next door in the room.

- Talk to Rana again on the other side. She'll take off. Wait for a few moments after she's gone and the rest of the refugees of Bleakrock Village will pass through as well. Once they've gone through the far door, you'll be welcome to do the same. You can't leave this area 'til everyone's through, so just sit and wait until you're prompted.

- You're back outside, and everyone you've saved in Bleakrock is waiting. Wander through, chat with anyone you particularly liked (Rexus!), scour the area for Iron Ore (I found a fair number of chunks here, personally), and approach the small cog by the shore.

- Speak to Rana. She mentions that you're not headed to Davon's Watch, but instead a small town down the coast called Dhalmora. Agree to this and you'll be whisked away from Bleakrock Isle and off to Dhalmora.


- Rana's a short way up the beach. Speak to her and you can bring the quest to an end, earning a nice little reward of 93 gold. Agree to do her dirty work and you'll also trigger the next quest, If By Sea. Woo! Bleakrock quests complete! You can now chat with everyone you saved, see what they're up to, and head off to start the next line of quests. Or...

Return to Bleakrock Isle

Assuming you have some unfinished business on Bleakrock (you probably won't, if you've come this far) you can use the Wayshrine north of the village to leap back to Bleakrock. There is, however, not much point in the doing. The Village remains under perpetual attack by the Covenant now that you've come this far, and returning will only expose you to enemies. You can still craft items in the village's marketplace, but the prime NPCs are either dead or fled - and you'll be assaulted by troops the whole time you're there. Nuts. Better to just jump back to Davon's Watch to do any shopping.


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