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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Bleakrock Isle: Sparking the Flame

Updated on April 4, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The people of Bleakrock Village have all been gathered where they belong (or not), and now they need to escape before the members of the Covenant fry the whole lot. Guess who's in charge of lighting the way out of Bleakrock? Yep, you guessed correctly. It's time to raid a stony battlement, outwit a platoon of soldiers, and save a whooooole lotta lives.

... again.

Sparking the Flame

Location: Bleakrock Isle

NPC: Captain Rana

Level: 4

Reward: 85 gold

- After completing The Missing of Bleakrock, whether you've gathered everyone or not, return to Captain Rana in Bleakrock Village. She'll thank you for your help either way, and set you up with a new mission, Sparking the Flame. It's up to you to light a beacon that will allow the people of Bleakrock Isle to escape.

- The beacon that needs lighting is in possibly the only place you haven't yet visited on Bleakrock Isle. Pull up your map and look for a road leading south from Rana's garrison home. It twists once, and will take you to a tower atop a tall bluff. (If you're uncertain as to its positioning, you can see it from the front steps of Rana's abode. It's faint, but it's there.) A gate will let you know you're headed in the right direction. Watch out for Covenant Bravos on the way up - they're not that strong, but they like to hop over you and hit you from behind.

- At the top of the slopes leading to the tower you'll hit a clearing - and in that clearing, a bunch of soldiers. This section can be a teensy bit overwhelming if you come here on your own, but the chances are pretty good that other players will keep the guards company. Join the melee or run right past them and up to the tower.

- Up the stairs. You don't have too far to go, but it's wise not to fight on the upper levels if you can avoid it. Way too easy to get discombobulated and plunge to your death on some of the landings. Fortunately, the enemies don't appear to spawn up here, so if they ascend it's only because they've been drawn up from outside.

- The signal flare is waiting at the top. Burn that sucker up, then make your way back down. There will likely be another fracas waiting at the bottom, though you'll have an easier time fleeing the tower than approaching it in the first place.

- Make your way back to town. If you want you can safely hop down the cliffs to return to Bleakrock Village, which is much faster and surprisingly safer than a normal descent...

- ... though you'll find ill tidings upon arrival. The town is under attack! Bleakstone is now overflowing with Covenant soldiers, the newest of which can hit you with fire magic from afar. Use your usual tactics, and try not to get overwhelmed. One opponent is easy; two is manageable; three... three is pushing it. Other players will likely help keep the numbers of the enemy low. Duck into the buildings if you need a break (and enjoy the creepy experience of invisible players opening and closing doors nearby).

- Rana is gone, so you need to talk to Tillrani Snow-Bourne. She's by the gate back into town. (So, uh a teensy bit of backtracking if you hopped down. Whoops.) She'll tell you that, yes, the town is on fire, and she'll beg you to track down some more villagers: Aera, Denskar, Littrek, and Trynhild. She also wants you to look for Rana at the old tomb in town.

- First, grab a bucket. You'll find them by the well outside Rana's HQ. You can use the water inside to douse the flames on the houses. Begin running from house to house, following the waypoints on the map, until you've saved everyone who needs saving. Denskar and Aera are in burning houses; Littrek is cowering in the back of a building that's already half ruined; Trynhild is hiding beside some boats at the docks. You have to get them in that order, or the next one will not appear.

- Swim beneath the docks from where you met Trynhild to the other side of town. You'll wind up beside the tomb, the huge, stone building carved into the cliffs. Rana is out front. Speak to her to complete the quest, earn 85 gold, and spark a new quest in its place: Escape from Bleakrock. Sounds like a plan.


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