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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Dhalmora: Unorthodox Tactics, Salt of the Earth

Updated on April 5, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Dhalmora is a killing ground, like most places these days, and its lizardy inhabitants are in need of aid. In this pair of easy Dhalmoran missions we'll aid a trainer of Netches in bringing down the enemy, as well as reunite a group of Argonians whose day has been plain ruined by Covenant forces.

Unorthodox Tactics

Location: Dhalmora, Bal Foyen

NPC: Iron-Claws

Level: 6

Reward: 24 gold

- The NPC for unlocking this quest, Iron-Claws, waits beside a campfire on the rolling hills of the area. He's a bit difficult to find unless you've thoroughly explored the area. Leave Fort Zeren through its northeast exit and search the grounds to your left. You'll see several Bull Netches floating nearby, though you cannot attack them. Iron-Claws is standing nearby.

- Talk to Iron-Claws. He has an odd proposal involving Bull Netch and throwing knives. Agree to help him with his little experiment and he'll hand over Treated Netch Eggs. You must hurl these eggs at Covenant soldiers in the immediate area to lure the Bull Netch nearby into attacking your foes.

- Now you have to find some Covenant soldiers. They're spread throughout the watery fields down and north from Iron-Claws' perch. Most of these soldiers act like any other Covenant creeps you'll come across, and will regenerate just as quickly, so don't worry about killing them normally. You just need to egg five of them. (If you really want you can sit in one area and wait for the enemies to respawn, but it's faster to just move from spawn point to spawn point - especially when other players are busy snagging kills at the same time.)

- The first Covenant Incendiary you need to deal with is just down the hill from Iron-Claws. Look for a gangly tree, then descend the hill beside the tree to find the soldier. (This guy looks like he might be a glitch, as he won't attack you. I don't know that he'll stick around forever.)

- The second Covenant soldier can be found at a camp in the southwest corner of the search area, beside one of the water fields. You'll see him lobbing fireballs at a cart.

- The third Covenant soldier to egg is near the second. Look a short ways north and you'll see the jerk hurling fireballs near a gnarled tree.

- The fourth Covenant soldier is right by the far-western edge of the mission boundary on your path. He'll be casting flames at a tree. Not terribly effective, but whatever suits the dude, I guess.

- The final Covenant soldier is found near the north-western water field. There are three Incendiaries wandering here; take your pick. This is a good place to mop up if soldiers weren't spawned in the other locations.

- Return to Iron'Claws, who has relocated to the cliffs surrounding Dhalmora. He'll happily accept your victory and fork over your prize.

While you're in the area, you'll probably notice a few other Argonian's skulking about in hiding. These guys comprise another small quest that you can handle while completing Unorthodox Tactics.

Salt of the Earth

Location: Dhalmora, Bal Foyen

NPC: Nolu-Azza, Batuus, Vudeelal, or Wenaxi

Level: 6

Reward: 24 gold

- You can trigger this quest by speaking to one of the four Argonians hiding on the edges of Bal Foyen's paddy fields. You'll then have to locate the other three to complete the quest.

- Nolu-Azza is hiding beside the southwest field on your map. Look beside the cliff's edge to find her, wedged between several huge mushrooms.

- Batuus is hiding behind a tall cluster of mushrooms to the west of the northwestern field.

- Vudeelal is kneeling in the shade of another mushroom directly north of the northwestern field.

- Aaaaand Wenaxi is on the other side of a small bridge to the east of Vudeelal. She's pretty well-hidden amid the shrubbery.

- After speaking to them all, head back to Dhalmora. You'll find the group just east of the Dhalmora Hall of Merchants. Talk to Nolu-Azza to claim your reward.


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