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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Eagle's Strand: Cast Adrift

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Eagle's Strand seems like a nice little place to take a summertime vacation, but all is not well here. A huge Aldmari fleet has smashed up against the shores, and the surviving soldiers want to know why. You may be able to provide some answers - and, who knows, perhaps even put an end to the destruction. But first, you'll have to help a wounded captain gather her men and set them back at fighting strength...

Cast Adrift

Location: Shattered Shoals, Eagle's Strand

NPC: Sergeant Firion

Level: 4

Reward: Broadhead Shield, 170 gold

- You'll find this NPC, Sergeant Firion, a little ways northwest out of Eagle's Strand. Follow the western road to find her on the left side of the road.

Speaking to Quartermaster Oblan, a sailor forced ashore during The Elder Scrolls Online's Cast Adrift quest.
Speaking to Quartermaster Oblan, a sailor forced ashore during The Elder Scrolls Online's Cast Adrift quest.

- Firion is missing her squad, simple as that. She needs you to track 'em down. Easy enough. Their names are Edhelas, Onglorn, and Nistel. She also needs you to track down some Torchbug Treacle with which to heal the lot of 'em.

- Descend to the beach on the western side of the island. The first you'll see is Nistel; she's sitting against a fallen mast beside a crashed ship. Onglorn is north along the beach; Edhelas is to the south. If you want you can command them to go see their captain immediately...

- ... or you can look for Torchbug Treacle scattered about the sands and deliver them to the soldiers before sending them on their way. The Treacle is siting amid the shipwrecks, and is difficult to miss. You'll also find Treacle by killing Alit. (Just don't try to mix collecting Treacle and sending soldiers along without. Attempting to do both gets a little buggy, in my experience.)

- The last soldier you find will send you to a nearby cave, north along the beach where you found Onglorn. Hunt about on the right side of the cave for Lieutenant Gelin. He's tied to a post. Interact with him, then leave. Firion is outside; speak to her to explain the results of your search.

- Further down the beach to the north is a beached ship. Speak to Quartermaster Oblan out front, informing him of the soldiers, and he'll give you some new objectives. Ahh, the favours never end... speak to Firion after chatting with Oblan, as she's appeared behind you, then set about your tasks.

- First, patch the ship's holes. Enter the two cabins up on the deck and go below deck. You'll find a leak down the stairs in both areas. Patch each.

- Return to the world map. A short jaunt north of the ship you'll find enemy Sea Vipers, eager for a fight. Take on just one of them and, once they're dead, they'll be carrying a Sun-Sighter. Two tasks down.

Attempting to free a captive held by means mystical during the Cast Adrift quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
Attempting to free a captive held by means mystical during the Cast Adrift quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Swim and wade your way west of the ship. You'll find a series of small islands. Look for one topped by a large rock. Beside and to the right of this you'll find the Helmsman's Wheel. Inspect it and head back to the ship. There are usually two Sea Vipers here, so low-level players may be hard pressed to interact with the Wheel alone.

- Return to Oblan. He'll thank you for your help and redirect you to the ship's captain, Jimila. She's standing by the ship's wheel at the rear of the ship. Speak to her and she'll offer you information in exchange for your help. She'll redirect you once again, this time to a crewmember called Mastengwe.

- Hop down to the deck and look for Mastengwe in the belly of the ship, near the spots you patched earlier. She'll reveal that the Sea Vipers are responsible for some of the inclimate weather that smashed the ships of the area on the rocks. She tells you to steal a Lodestone from the Sea Vipers who have made a base on nearby Viper Island. Make sure to check the bookshelf beside Mastengwe before leaving.

- Head back out to the island chain to the west of the ship. You'll see one large ship out here surrounded by a swirling vortex. Approach it and look for a Sea Viper Marine to kill. They will drop the Lodestone you're looking for.

- Approach the grounded ship in the vortex and fight your way up to the deck (reached via a rock on the west side of the ship). You'll find a bound man named Virkvild at the rear of the ship. Use the Lodestone on him to free him. Then check the front of the ship to find another bound dude, Suhr, who should be similarly freed. This will stop the storm.

- Return to Captain Jimila on the Prowler to complete the quest and earn a nice reward for your efforts. (Yeesh, that was circuitous.)


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