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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Iliath Temple: From the Wastes, Divine Favor

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Ashlanders are, as a rule, a self-contained people. They like to keep to themselves. So for a huge group of 'em to suddenly rise up and attack a nearby temple of a different faith... that's quite a thing. Will the Iliath Temple fall under the attacks of the wayward Ashlanders and their blades? Or can you save their hapless monk targets from certain doom...? (Hopefully so, or you won't be getting a reward - and that's the important thing in these quests, y'know?)

From the Wastes

Location: Iliath Temple

NPC: Ashlander Scout

Level: 13

Reward: 76 gold

- Wander near the Iliath Temple in the far west of Stonefalls, not far from Fungal Grotto. As you're wandering around here an Ashlander Scout will rush up to you with a request. Speak to him and agree to help against the renegade Ashlanders causing trouble in the area.

- Speak to Hedranna Kaliki, by a small tent a short ways south of the Iliath Temple Wayshrine. She'll ask your help, and suggest you speak to the monks in the Iliath Temple with an offering of herbs and potions. She gives you a rather large allotment of things to gather.

Speaking to an injured soldier during the siege of Iliath Temple in The Elder Scrolls Online's From the Wastes quest.
Speaking to an injured soldier during the siege of Iliath Temple in The Elder Scrolls Online's From the Wastes quest.

Alchemical Draughts

The last on the list of things to find are twelve Alchemical Draughts. Though ostensibly the final thing to gather, the Alchemical Draughts are dropped by the Ziddak warriors scattered around the grounds of the Temple. Kill as you see them and loot their bodies while you're collecting the other items.

Pouch of Aloe Extract

First up: Aloe Extract. The tent where it's found is within sight of Hedranna Kaliki, just down the road. Kill the thug by the tent, then check the Sack of Aloe Extract he was guarding for the item.

Bag of Lavender Oil

The next cluster of tents down the way holds a crate carrying the Lavender Oil you'll need. There are two thugs watching over this crate, assuming someone else hasn't dispatched them first.

Poppy Extract

Last up is the Poppy Extract. Climb the hills beside the Lavender Oil campsite until you find a larger tent. Pop inside and you'll find the Sack of Poppy Extract you need to exploit.

- Climb the hills surrounding the Iliath Temple once you've collected everything, killing as you go. You can hop into the Temple via a low wall to the left of the entrance. Your next NPC, Farseer Tirinaat, is standing out front of the main building.

- She asks you to cure some soldiers 'round the camps. Look for Dying Soldiers near the walls and use the Draughts you collected to heal them.

- After healing the wounded, enter the Iliath Temple Shrine and speak to Curate Brethis on the ground floor. He'll finish the quest for you, and convince you to try a new one.

Battling a supernatural creature during the Divine Favor quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling a supernatural creature during the Divine Favor quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Divine Favor

Location: Iliath Temple

NPC: Curate Brethis

Level: 13

Reward: 76 gold

- Brethis asks you to pray for help in the shrine. You can find it in the room to your right.

- Pray at the Tribunal Shrine. This will trigger the appearance of an apparition. Speak to the Servant of Almalexia who appears. She'll tell you to collect ashes from a pair of urns. Check the basement of this house to find the two urns, on shelves flanking the preacher, for Nerathren's Ashes and Faryon's Urns.

- Reenter the Temple's grounds. On the lower level of the walls, to your right and to your left, are two large Eternal Flame pits. Approach these and use the ashes to summon Nerathren and Faryon. Beat them up. Nerathren is a melee fighter who can summon down lightning; Faryon is a mage with cold magic. They're both fairly tough, but you don't have to whittle them all the way down to win their respective battles. (It's also quite likely other players will jump in on your fights and help you.)

- Return to Brethis. He'll pony up a small reward - and another NPC will show up to disturb the conversation. He'll bring with him the final quest for this area, Undermined, which will take you up against Ziddak himself.


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