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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Mournhold: Mechanical Murder, Dissonant Commands

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

On the surface Tamriel is a place of magic and mysticism, but in the cold and dark of the underground technology still rules - and it rules without living interference. Those alive up above can seek to claim the constructs that wander the great tunnels forged by the Dwarves long ago, but in doing so they wield weapons that may turn on them at any moment... such as in this sordid quest.

Mechanical Murder

Location: Mournhold

NPC: None; see below

Level: 18

Reward: Dres Dirk, 177 gold

- Unlike the majority of quests, Mechanical Murder is not sparked by an NPC - or at least not a living one. Follow the northern road between Narsis and Mournhold, heading east towards Mournhold, and you'll see a cart on the left side of the road. Beside the cart is a Smashed Dwarven Sphere. Investigating it will trigger the quest.

- You need to find evidence of what happened. Continue following the road towards Mournhold and you'll come to a bridge. Here you'll see Guard Lieutenant Silen. Speak to her. She'll mention a captive up the road, and she'll ask you to speak to her. You'll find her in a ruined tower ahead and to the left. Along the way you'll see an NPC on your right; speak to him to start another quest, That Which Matters Most, described below.

- The captive, Vrali, will menton that her House Dres companions are on the prowl, and to save her own skin she'll recommend taking on the Dres Raiders that are going to ambush the nearby Hlaalu guards. You have just enough time to save 'em.

- Continue up the road to the next large tower. If you prowl amongst the grass on the left side of the tower you'll find plenty of Dres Raiders to kill. They're standard fare for soldiers. Kill eight of them.

- Head right of the tower and follow it to the next large structure. Use the Skyshard on the right side of the entrance, then pop into the structure and speak to Guard Maera. She'll tell you to enter the building, Mzithumz, and hunt down one Ithis Omalor.


- Upon entering the ruins you'll see an NPC, Bedyni, waiting ahead. She'll trigger a quest for you, Dissonant Commands, which is detailed below. You can complete it while looking for Omalor.

- Mzithumz is filled with a mixture of soldiers at the beginning, the same as you were fighting earlier, and Dwarven Spiders. These mechanical sentinels are not terribly difficult as they don't hit that hard, but they can take a fair beating in return. Note that there are two different kinds; neither should trouble you too much.

- Make your way to the northeast of the ruins. In a room with a few bookcases you'll find Ithis Omalor cowering in fear of his life. You can either leave him here, prompting his death, or you can lead him out of the ruins to be arrested the Hlaalu. Either way, head out of the dungeon once you've dealt with the guy.

- Speak to Guard Maera once you're back outside. Whether or not you saved Omalor, she'll fork over your reward.

That Which Matters Most

Location: Mzithumz

NPC: Caravan Master Girano

Level: 18

Reward: Caravan Master's Ring, 44 gold

- Girano, the owner of the trashed caravan you saw at the beginning of this quest chain, has been robbed. The Dres Raiders troubling the area stole his precious Cargo along with his Cargo Manifest. He needs you to recover eight pieces of Stolen Cargo along with the Manifest.

- Make your way up the hill and look for cargo crates in the fields surrounding the towers. In each you'll find a Hlaalu Stolen Cargo. Keep searching the boxes until you find eight such items.

- The Manifest is held by a random Dres Raider. Kill the enemies here 'til one of them drops it. This shouldn't take long at all.

- Return to Girano for your reward. Mind that he has since been moved to the entrance of Mzithumz.

Battling a Dwarven Spider construct during the Dissonant Commands quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling a Dwarven Spider construct during the Dissonant Commands quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Dissonant Commands

Location: Mzithumz

NPC: Bedyni the Artificer

Level: 18

Reward: 177 gold

- Bedyni is possessed of some level of technical prowess, and she thinks she understands how the mechanical spiders of the ruins operate. She wants you to collect Resonators and destroy Repair Stations as you make your way through the ruins. Twelve Resonators and four Repair Stations will do the trick.

- The Resonators are dropped by Dwarven Spiders. They don't appear at all in the first half of Mzithumz; make your way to the rear chambers, though, and you'll find them in abundance. Slash away at them until you've collected twelve Resonators.

- The Repair Stations are a bit different, as they're in set locations. The first is in the initial hallway, down a small left branch; the second is a short way up the initial hallway, on the left side; the third is in the area's northwestern room, in the southwest corner; the fourth is in the same room as Omalor, in the northeast of the ruins.

- Return to Bedyni with your haul to complete the quest.


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