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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Narsis: Hiding in Plain Sight, Death Trap

Updated on April 10, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The battle against the Maulborn continues. The deadly cult has been driven out of the homes of Narsis, but the outskirts remain a battleground - and the battles will only get worse as the deadly plgue-bringers make a push for Mournhold, the seat of power in the region. Are you strong enough to stop them in their tracks...?

Hiding in Plain Sight

Location: Narsis

NPC: Varon Davel

Level: 17

Reward: Naryu's Spare Blade, 173 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete Fighting Back, as well as its accompanying quest. Which quest leads to Hiding in Plain Sight depends on who you chose to support previously. The details of the quests leading up to Hiding in Plain Sight are addressed in this article.

- After chatting with Varon Davel and concluding the previous quest, head outside. Whomever you helped is standing outside. Speak to her to receive the Narsis Ruins Key and the location of the Maulborn's base... so, uh, the Narsis Ruins.

- Trek to the Ruins. They're located a little ways east of the West Narsis Wayshrine. They're up a small hill, and kept closed by an imposing door. Pop through with your key.

- Much of this area consists of chambers full of Maulborn, and are worth poking around in for random items. You particularly want to check through the first wide chamber, the one partially-submerged under water, as it has several bookcases you can plunder for skill bonuses.

- You'll shortly come to another room full of bookcases, and in it a large, central pedestal. Giron is up here, and he'll come at you as a stronger-than-average mage. So long as you kill off any nearby mages before taking him on you shouldn't have any trouble with the man, even at a lower level.

- You'll find the survivors of Giron's madness in the next area, a small house. Look for Ralden on the ground floor. Speak to him, then pop out of the house. Varon Davel is waiting for you outside; speak to him next. He'll finish up the quest for you, and point you in the direction of another quest - this one directed at the mastermind behind the plague.

Tracking the Plague

Location: Narsis

NPC: Naryu Virian

Level: 18

Reward: 88 gold

- Look for Naryu Virian in Narsis. She's in the east part of town, near the outskirts. She'll give you some new info and send you off to meet a Commander Renli near Obsidian Gorge.

- Obsidian Gorge is a ways northeast out of town. You'll find the waypoint near the Wayshrine of the same name. Commander Renli is standing right in the middle of the road upon your approach. Speak to him to complete this tiny quest...

Death Trap

Location: Obsidian Gorge, Narsis

NPC: Captain Diiril

Level: 18

Reward: Ordinator Rerebrace, 88 gold

- ... then talk to his subordinate, Captain Diiril, to trigger the next quest. He's right beside his commander.

- Diiril is aggrieved by attacks from the Maulborn on the caravan routes through Obsidian Gorge. He wants help protecting them. Best you go check on his scouting party and figure out what's up.

- Cross the road and weave through the rocks beyond on your way east. You'll find the scouting party hidden behind one of the larger rocks. Speak to Scout Mamyne and you'll learn that the Maulborn in nearby camps are trying to use Mournhold Shipping Manifests to get into nearby Mournhold; you need to steal them from the rogues.

- As you might expect, you need to bust some skulls. The camp is on the other side of the rocks. Wade down amongst the Maulborn and start killing. They're your average troopers, and they typically come in pairs only. Not too bad. The Maulborns don't all carry a Forged Mournhold Shipping Manifest, so expect to have to kill more than the mandated six.

- Bring them back to Mamyne. She'll now ask you to find the rest of her scouting party. Head back to the road and follow it to the cave entrance, killing any Maulborn in your way. The only remaining scout is a short way into the cave, slumped against a rock; speak to him to end the quest and earn your reward. This triggers another quest, Payback.


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