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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Narsis: The Naked Nord, You Have to Break a Few

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Narsis is largely a place of woe and danger these days, but there are still some goofy antics to be found on its borders - particularly where family members are concerned. In these next two quests, we deal with husband, wife, mother, and son, learning in the process that men may not make the best decisions in life. (Particularly if it involves their pants.)

The Naked Nord

Location: Narsis

NPC: Norgred Hardhelm

Level: 16

Reward: Naked Nord's Pants, 84 gold

- You'll find the NPC for this quest, Norgred Hardhelm, lingering near a tree on the northeastern outskirts of Narsis. He's hard to miss - he's stripped down to helmet and undies.

Trying to locate some missing closing for The Naked Nord in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Trying to locate some missing closing for The Naked Nord in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Norgred has a ringing headache and a complete lack of equipment, and he blames a witch whom he was accompanying along the road. In particular he wants his wife's axe back. Best you help the poor fool out.

- Follow the main road a short jaunt further northeast. You'll find the witch, Evigna, beside a campfire on the left side of the road. Stroll up and talk to her.

- Okay, so, maybe this is the wife instead. She claims that Norgred is covering up for losing his stupid axe. She asks you to go looking for it at a house by the water 'where the plague husks have gathered'. Sounds like a great place.

- Head along the back paths to the southeast to find Old Ida's Cottage, a small homestead on the edge of a lake. Fight off the Plague Husks populating the area and enter the cottage.

- Inside? The Axe of Halmer Stormhand. Pick it up. Not much to see in here besides a sad little note.

- While you're here, you might as well find Norgred's Pants. Check the small stable next to the cabin. They're sitting inside.

- Return to the camp. Norgred is waiting. Speak to him twice and you'll complete the quest. (It may take a moment before you can hand over both items.)

While you're here, look at the rock wall a short ways from the hapless couple's camp. You'll find a door leading to Lady Llarel's Shelter. A quest waits within. (Be warned - you may recognize the occupants, but this place is dangerous. It's smarter to go through with a companion if you're attempting Lady Llarel's Shelter at level 17.)

The body of a Dark Elf, found in Lady Llarel's Shelter in the You Have to Break a Few quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
The body of a Dark Elf, found in Lady Llarel's Shelter in the You Have to Break a Few quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

You Have to Break a Few

Location: Lady Llarel's Shelter, Narsis

NPC: Dark Elf

Level: 17

Reward: Chef's Apron, 84 gold

- Fight your way into the cave. This is a nest of Kwama; you should be well accustomed to their combat capabilities by now.

- Partway through the cave you'll come to a dead Dark Elf. Check the body, then have a peak at the note next to him. It describes a recipe for Kwama Egg Omelet.

- Continue through the cave and take a left. There are a lot of Kwama nearby, so be ready for quite a scrap. Two at a time is do-able; three might be a bit much for anyone with even a level on par with the quest. Take a left.

- Follow the passage until you come to another open cavern. There's a Bag of Kwama Eggs on the floor. Snag it. (This room is also home to a Skyshard, and if you linger here Lady Llarel herself will spawn from time to time. She's a somewhat tough kill, but given how players like to camp here... just stay near them and she'll get slaughtered every time. She offers some nice drops for this level, if you can get in on the kill.)

- Leave the Shelter and head far to the southeast, south of Mournhold. Don't try to go cross-country to get to your next waypoint; there's a lot of rocky terrain in the way that doesn't really show up on the map, and it will slow your progress a fair bit. Follow the road until you reach several tents on the side of the road.

- Speak to Mamma Aralosi. This will bring the sad quest to an end, and you'll earn your reward.


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