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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Quarantine Serk: Proprietary Formula, Race for the Cure

Updated on April 10, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The baddies behind the plague have been stopped, but the Quarantine Serk isn't out of the woods yet. Ghoulish creatures once made of peaceful villagers still roam the area, and only one woman - and her knowledge of alchemical formulae - stand in their way. Maybe, just maybe, she can bring the Serk back from the edge... with a little help, of course.

Proprietary Formula

Location: Quarantine Serk

NPC: Nilyne Hlor

Level: 15

Reward: 68 gold

- This quest covers much of the same territory as another quest, Bad Medicine, in this same area. It's not a bad idea to undertake them simultaneously if you want to save some time, especially since the two are tied together. Completing both will unlock a third quest, detailed below.

- The NPC involved in this quest, Nilyne Hlor, is located in the Quarantine Serk. Specifically, she's standing just outside the front gate. Wander up and talk to her.

- Nilyne is irritated. The Maulborn have been sending potions out of their HQ to heal people, but she's suspicious of the ingredients they use. Nilyne wants to examine the proprietary formula used to concoct the elixir - and that means breaking into the Maulborn's quarantine and stealing a few bottles.

- Enter the walled gates of the quarantine area ahead. This area is full of prowling infected, and they're quite powerful on their own and in groups. A lot of them will spawn, so be careful as you make your way through here and avoid their poisonous spew as best you can. Watch out behind you - it's not uncommon for the creatures to respawn at your back and catch you mid-battle. Watch out upon killing one, as well, as they can still unleash a poisoning AOE attack upon death.

- Pick your way through the area to find the Quarantine Serk Catacombs. They're through a door at the top of a set of stairs.

- You're now facing a lengthy fight through the Catacombs to retrieve five bottles of Proprietary Formula. The first you can find is in the first room you come to, a short walk into the Catacombs, and is undefended by enemies. If you're nervous about your chances you can sit here and wait for the formula to respawn four or five times, collect it each time, and leave unharmed with your prizes in hand.

- Alternatively, and more fun, you can make your way into the Quarantine, battle enemies, and hunt for more plentiful sources of the Proprietary Formula. The enemies quickly begin to pile up as you move further into the Quarantine, and they're more varied than outside, wedding the foul creatures from the outside with mages, rogues, and warriors. This can be a tough area on your own, especially if you're underleveled, but it's not so bad if you pick your way through carefully and don't try to rush through without killing enemies. Mind that the majority of the bottles you'll want to try for are in the first half of the area - once you reach the long set of stairs leading down to the pit that's full of ghouls you'll probably want to turn back and wait for other potions in previous corridors to respawn.

- Make your way back outside after you've procured your five bottles of Proprietary Formula. Nilyne is waiting where you left here, and she'll happily fork over 84 gold for your troubles.

Assuming you've also completed Bad Medicine, you'll unlock a quest featuring Aerona Berendas. You'll find her where you left her at the end of Bad Medicine, in one of the houses.

Race for the Cure

Location: Quarantine Serk

NPC: Aerona Berendas

Level: 15

Reward: Quarantine Staff, 168 gold

- Nilyne needs more help with a cure, according to Aerona, and you're just the one to get it to her. Speak to Aerona in the house to receive the quest, then speak to Nilyne at the alchemy table to learn the details. She needs three ingredients to complete her brew. Best you go fetch 'em for her.

Kyne's Heart Healing Herbs

The Healing Herbs are held by the innkeeper at the inn just across from the house. Speak to Lluther Serethran and mention who the herbs are for to receive Kyne's Heart Healing Herbs.

Sour Milk Tea

The Sour Milk Tea is in a house just down the street from the inn. It's sitting in a side room, on a table. Yoink.

Dragon Scale Mushrooms

The final ingredient, Dragon Scale Mushrooms, is in the home nearest the Wayshrine. There are four targeted items in this house; the Mushrooms are in the potted plant to the right of the door as you enter.

- Take the ingredients back to Nilyne. She'll tell you to mix the concoction yourself back at the Alchemy Table. First, though, check her notes. They'll basically tell you to add the items in the order you received them: Herbs, Tea, Mushrooms. Take Nilyne's Potion to her and she'll apply it to the patient. Once she has, speak to Aerona outside the house for your reward.


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