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The Evil Within

Updated on June 8, 2014

Evil Within synopsis

Shinji Mikami wanted to make a game that portrays pure survival and horror by pushing the limits of fear and exhilaration.

The game is about a detective named Sebastian who rushes to the scene of a mass murder with his partner who witnesses fellow police officers and others being murdered in front of them. Sebastian Castellanos loses consciousness and awakes to a terrifying world where monsters wander about, amongst the dead.

The game is cleverly crafted with highly tense scenes and horrific detail, leaving the gamer on the edge of their seat in major anxiety.

Shinji Mikami is from the team of Tango Game-works.

Resident Evil was one of the games created and The Evil Within is far more superior to that as there are so many more things to contend with, within the game.

A suspense filled survival horror game with many levels and challenges that will have you hallucinating, feeling dizzy and never feeling safe throughout the game. Just when you thin that you are safe, you are shown that you are not with the challenging characters within the game to ensure that you do not finish too soon.

The Evil Within will be released in October 2014 for PlayStation, X Box and PC.

Horror and Psychological terror in the "Evil Within"

Like Resident Evil, the "Evil Within" gamers contend with zombie - like creatures that chase you around as well as having to fend off creatures that cannot die.

Violence torture and gore with psychological and hallucinatory scares will give the gamer an adrenalin rush and sleepless nights.

This game is not for the feint hearted as the main character Sebastian, is forced to swim through thick pools of blood whilst trying to solve the murders as he prods and pokes brain tissue.

The visual scenes of abused and decayed corpses with nails, spikes and stakes driven through their bodies and faces are disturbing to those who have weak stomachs and are afraid of the dark.

The angry, hungry and vengeful corpses with cleaved off jaws are wanting your blood as in one of the scenes Castellanos and partner, visit a mental assylum where they are forced to cut open a rotting cadaver to remove a key from the stomach, whilst having to keep very still as they walk past a group of undead who are hanging around burning corpses.

There is also a scene in a mansion where a family of murderers lived and with the help of a phantom character, named Ruvik, who can ressurect the dead, they come to life and you are not only forced to find the clues but also forced to run, hide and defeat the undead.

A scene in the mansion happens on level 8 of the game where you are required to disembody a head by drilling through the brain in order to move on and unlock doors.

Ruvik, a ghostly character wonders around everywhere and he will have you hallucinating throughout the game.

A very tense and suspense filled game that will lead you to believe that you are winning and getting somewhere until you realise that you are not.

Killing the undead, the ghosts and anything that comes into your pathway is a challenge, especially with the lack of ammunition. In some instances you will have to keep your ammo for the when you really need it and this means escaping in another way.

The Evil Within will be released in Octobr 2014
The Evil Within will be released in Octobr 2014

Evil Within scenes and tools in the game

Ammo is limited and Castellanos has a revolver, shotgun, knife and grenade.

He also has an "Agony crossbow" which is used as a last resort as it freezes, electrocutes and fires bolts, whilst also being a projectile weapon.

In the game he can harvest bolts from bombs and objects in each level of the game.

During the game there are many bomb traps that detect you from a few steps away and you can deactivate them by playing a mini game within the game to avoid them.

A green vial will make you stronger but it puts you out of action for a few seconds.

Ensure that you find oil or matches to keep the undead, dead.

The Evil Within

Evil Within is a survival horror game that will keep you in suspense the entire time
Evil Within is a survival horror game that will keep you in suspense the entire time

Evil Within trailer - Not suitable for children

Hints on how to play Evil Within

There are many characters and the one to avoid is the bloody spider lady with black hair that comes out of a pool of blood. She is indestructible and has the power to teleport.

People who have played the game have suggested that you simply run away from her.

Other characters to watch out for are; Ruvik who is a ghost that can resurrect the dead. He is around in the game on many levels and you cannot escape him.

Castellanos goes to a mansion where it appears that he has been before and it belonged to a murderous family. Ruvik the phantom is there too.

In the mansion you have to unlock three doors and to do this you have to disembody heads and drill into the brain to release blood that flows towards the door.

Just when you think you are safe, Ruvik appears to ensure that you are not home free and throughout the 8th chapter you will feel as though you are being followed.

Castellanos can ensure that the undead die by setting them on fire as that is the only way to ensure that they are really defeated but matches are in short supply and he can only carry about 8 at a time.

Restorative medical kits are in the game but if you use them to restore your health, you will have side effects which could lead to dizziness and hallucinations in the game, which lasts for a few seconds.

Collecting vials of green liquid can increase Castellanos's abilities by consuming the liquid which can be found in certain areas in the game.

The Evil Witihin

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Review of Evil Within

It looks like the return of resident evil but it clearly is not. You start off in a village that appears to be in Europe, where there are infected villagers around a pile of corpses. You would think that firing into them with all your bullets will kill them but they shock you by rising up and coming towards you with a thirst for your blood.

Soon you find that setting them on fire can kill them but you are still not certain that they are dead.

A phantom character called Ruvik, seems harmless but one touch from him will be game over for you. He follows you around and can bring the dead back to life, giving you many challenges throughout the levels of the game.

In a few sections of the game it seems familiar and almost like "Silent Hill" or "Resident Evil" but you soon realise that it is different and very much more stressful.

In the mansion you are chased by the dead and something lurks in each room that you pass but you have to be aware of the traps set in every corner. One of them is a rope that pulls you towards a rotating saw and the only way to get away from it is to find a red gem that shatters if you shoot at it, in order to save your life.

Your gun doesn't always work here and the lack of ammo makes it challenging to survive.

Shock and disgust happens in this game as well as your lack of feeling safe at anytime. You have to play a mini game within the game to achieve certain things or collect items that you need and in one scene you are required to stick pins into your brain to drain the blood, to allow you to open a door.

The gripping and horrific stories told by the characters will leave you with sleepless nights and the tension will nauseate you.

Some of the visual effects seem unrealistic and faded, almost like an old movie but the game has been postponed to October and the team at Tango will be correcting a few things.

Graphics will be phenomenal and the game hits a nerve with the sadistic scenes, the undead characters and the haunting feeling that you are never safe.

The game created by Tango Gameworks
The game created by Tango Gameworks


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      yes where are the good old fashioned innocent games for teens to play!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      I am scared for people who have an appetite for this kind of activity. No condemnation, just confused over how the mind is affected. Thank you for your explanation and review.


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