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Learning About Minecraft

Updated on February 12, 2014

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is growing more and more popular every day. It costs $25 for the download of the game and the best features. Minecraft is a world of blocks, only squares that you build with. You start out with nothing, and create a world by yourself. You can create things such as a shovel to help you along your journey, and you can upgrade things from cobblestone to iron to diamond. Minecraft is addictive, fun, and a world of possibilities.

How did you hear about Minecraft?

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Minecraft Servers

Minecraft can be played with friends. It takes a Minecraft Server to do so though. You can learn all about that at and you can also download the needed software. Starting a Minecraft server is decently easy, but you'll need to create the world so that everyone will want to play on it. You'll also need to share your information with your friends so that they can connect to you and play on your world.
Minecraft servers are extremely fun.

Crafting Things on Minecraft

To create a crafting table (in order to create things) you have to place a piece of plank in all four spots of your inventory. Creating planks is just by placing the wood you've chopped in the inventory. For the most detailed list of things you can mine, refer to Wikipedia.
You will soon be able to create more and more things, making your world more spectacular than ever.


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    • snipsnap555 profile image

      snipsnap555 5 years ago

      Nice Hub, I love minecraft for the xbox.