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The Exam - Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on April 26, 2013

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Advanced Military Career arc mission, The Exam in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details. This is the final mission in a chain of ten.


"Kill the terrorist leader inside the pleasure hub."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Room 1:
    No gate.
    • Group 1: 2 x Mercenary Trainee, 1 x Terrorist Leader

Total Bounty: 210,000 Isk

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The ExamArriving at the mission encounter.Beginning combat with the Terrorist Leader and his wingmen.Being both webbed and scrambled by the leader, the web being partially countered by an active afterburner.
The Exam
The Exam
Arriving at the mission encounter.
Arriving at the mission encounter.
Beginning combat with the Terrorist Leader and his wingmen.
Beginning combat with the Terrorist Leader and his wingmen.
Being both webbed and scrambled by the leader, the web being partially countered by an active afterburner.
Being both webbed and scrambled by the leader, the web being partially countered by an active afterburner.


The final mission in the Advanced Military Career arc is pretty simple and straightforward. Your task here is going to be warping to the encounter to fight a group of three enemy ships, one of which is your "target" (Terrorist Leader) for the mission objective. Although the bounty of the leader may suggest otherwise, this group of enemies is a relative pushover as long as you've been following the lessons on basic ship fitting thus far. In my case I didn't even need to use the destroyer granted, instead using a Merlin with some low tech mods, afterburner, webifier, shield extender, shield booster, 3 Hybrid Turrets and some weapon upgrades in the low level slots. Essentially a full basic, low skill fit.


If you already have made your way through the basic military career arc, Cash Flow for Capsuleers, this mission will seem quite familiar, since its just about killing the enemy ships. The one real difference from the combat you may have faced thus far is that the Terrorist Leader will use a webifier mod to slow you down along with a warp scrambler to keep you from jumping away, until you destroy his ship that is.

Don't panic about the warp scrambling, just burn down each enemy in succession. The important bit of information to take with you from this mission is that enemy npcs will occasionally use auxiliary mods against you in agent missions, especially as you unlock the ability to take on tougher challenges as your standings increase. While not so important here as long as you have a basic full fit like mentioned above, you'll generally want to focus your fire on the enemies that are using these aux mods on your ship, so as to prevent the other "damage only" ships from scoring better hits on you when webbed, preventing you from landing hits efficiently with weapon jamming, or keeping you from leaving the mission for repairs in the case of scrambling.

When the missions inevitably get more challenging, particularly with level 3-4 agents and tougher exploration sites, not taking out the enemies webbing, jamming or scrambling you, will likely lead to disaster.


  • + 4.2857 % corporation standing
  • + 1.5 % faction standing
  • Granted Destroyer Hull
    • Amarr: 1 x Coercer
    • Caldari: 1 x Cormorant
    • Gallente: 1 x Catalyst
    • Minmatar: 1 x Thrasher
  • 1 x Rapid Firing (skill book)
  • 175,000 Isk bonus (6 hours)

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