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The Exciting Empires and Allies of Zynga and Tips and Tricks Part 2

Updated on September 20, 2011

The latest offering of Zynga in Facebook is perhaps one of the new toasts in online gaming worldwide. It is a war game where strategy, careful planning and tactical play comes may spill difference victory or defeat. This is a wonderful game where you can immerse yourself with different an powerful battle units and use them to build a potent empire of your own. You may also play the different campaigns here for extra resources and unlock stronger battle units.

Though leveling up can be arduous it is rewarding at the end. And to succeed just like in true war you need to have a sense of aggression to assert your supremacy and urgency to muster war funds at all cost on the game. The author of this article is now leveling up strong and now totes a whopping level of 54. At this level I am fully enjoying the game since I already have access to powerful and high end units. I also have all the necessary buildings, homes and industries that finances my war endeavors here so as to speak, hehehe. I can also invade anyone from my neighborhood including the level 55s. I have the luxury of picking which friend I will invade and smother their enemy units to loot on their resources or repel any aggressions whipped up by neighbors. I can now easily repel any intrusions that take place on my allies. But I need to be consistent to stay on top of the game.

You can also level up fast and enjoy the game further.

Here are some useful tips and pointers to bolster war efforts, help you level up faster and enjoy the game further:

Quick Great Tips

  • Be a clicker to earn extra cash. If you successfully click on the small icons that pop out as many as you can in succession each time you tend to your empires or attack an enemy, you will earn extra cash. This is very important since earning cash in the game can be very difficult.

  • During campaigns seek help from your allies some help for the extra boosts you will need in the skirmish. The power-up each time you seek an aid will appear in random. I usually do this to help me save energy on attacking.

  • Have as many neighbors as you can.

  • Choose well what type of battle units you are going to deploy whilst you are on a duel. Use only units that can inflict the most damage on your opponents’ battle units.

  • Always upgrade your level 20 to 40 units with “increase hit” and “accuracy” to fashion out critical hits and kills. This way you will be able to gain more resources, energy and experience points.

  • Use all types of upgrades for your higher level battle units.

  • When it comes to resources the most useful ore is the iron aside from it is needed for building battle units and homes it is thoroughly used in upgrading units.

  • Stock up on your ores and sell them if you have some spare for extra cash.

  • The lumber is commonly used in building government facilities and home, so these resources can be very valuable.

  • When visiting a neighbor tend to ore first before anything else since an ore cost more and some types can be rare.

  • It is not advisable to sell any of your resources if you are level 30 below unless you are good in invasions, since you might regret selling them. Oils, lumbers and ores can be very important if you already achieved level 30 and up.

  • The perfect time to stage an “all-out” invasion is when you reach level 40 and above since at this stage you already gained access to powerful and stronger units. You can easily mount successful aggressions and repel even the higher leveled players.

  • Use higher leveled missile attacks or air strike when you are about to lose in a campaign. This will also give you the luxury of inflicting damage without using energy.

  • Do not use power-ups when you have clear edge on a skirmish. Only use power-ups when you are at a disadvantage.

  • During invasion do not attack a well-guarded area.

  • Do not engage in a battle where you will surely lose. Its quiet difficult to build units and they can be costly too.

  • Power-ups like evasion and accuracy can give you instant edge during a skirmish.

  • The tactical nuclear power-up can wipe out your opponent in just one turn. Use this well in a duel since this is a rarity.

  • Bear in mind that the life of the reward battle ship in finishing the Raven mission is 520. I assume that this is a full- upgraded ship and it is pity to lose this in a battle. Use this wisely. Make this ship as a defensive sentinel.

Tips for starters

You need energy to perform task and earn experience points like planting, making and gathering resources and attacking an enemy unit. You need to earn as many experience points as you can to level up on the game.

There are two types of players on the game your allies, which are actually your friends and empires which are the ones that you invaded. If you attack on somebody else you are considered part of the Dark Forces, otherwise you are not, hehehe.

Bear in mind that a strong empire of yours hinges on a strong foundation. As a beginner of the game you need to know all the things you need to know about the game. Play the campaigns which pops out on the left side of your screen, this gives you a feel for the game and at the same time will provide you some essential resources you will need in the later stages if you accomplish the tasks given to you.

Click on the build icon to build homes, government buildings, industries and war facilities to gather resources and cash as well.

For lower levels 1 to 20

You need to have persistence and will power to carry on. You need to know the dilemmas and the essence of balance in the game. Also place the word patience and right timing on your vocabulary in order to gain successes on the game.

Do the missions of the game to gain access to powerful and stronger units. So also, accomplish the campaigns to gain further resources.

Click on the world which is located to the lower left side of your screen to gain access to missions.

Click on the small icons which appears on the left side of your screen to gain access to campaigns.

Have as many neighbors as you can, since you can visit each of them for the much-needed energy and resources. These same neighbors will soon be your allies and empires as well. You can also ask help from them about things that can give you big favors like ingredients for upgrades, immunity to attacks, resources, etc. If you find some hard time having neighbors you can visit the official fan page of Empires and Allies and post a message that you need neighbors there. Soon enough, you’ll have many friend invites and soon enough make you a neighbor. Also, you can do the initiative of inviting your friends for extra level 3 missile attacks on the loading page of the game. These missiles can easily bring down even the higher leveled battle units of your opponents.

Click on visit if you want to gain access to your neighbors.

Give gifts and there is a great chance that your neighbors will also give back.

If you have time you might find going to the walls of your neighbors very useful especially when they posted something about the game that will give you instant reward. If you see a reward post go ahead click and claim it.

You can use the accounts of your spouse, best friend or anyone that entrusted their accounts to you and play the game. Hehehe but do not read their messages for privacy reasons. I do this and level these accounts up to 6 and finish the meet and greet campaign. You can use the extra accounts to send you extra ingredients you need and tend to your main account’s needs. You can also invade these accounts to your advantage. However, I suggest not to make dummy accounts since this is going too far already and this is as notorious as spamming, I think.

Each time you visit and tend to your neighbors empire you gain 5 hearts. There is a level up for each friendly visit and once you gain a "honor level" you are given an extra power-up. These power-ups can be very helpful during future invasions or when you are on a mission. The power-ups I prefer are accuracy,


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    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 6 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      Yeah good luck on your much-sought after dream of a formidable empire and thanks a lot for the visit...

    • molibwe1 profile image

      molibwe1 6 years ago from Seoul

      voted helpful

      reading all these tips here, and want to try it for once,because a friend told me about these tips and i didn't believe him, now he's doing well.

      hope i'll be also build my dream empire


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