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The Goblin King Battle Hobbit Lego Set - Release Date & Preview

Updated on November 13, 2012

On this page we are going to be having a close look at the new Hobbit Lego set based on the Goblin King. The set is actually called The Goblin King Battle and we will review the new set, tell you the release date and also give you some information about other forthcoming Hobbit Lego sets. If you enjoyed the Lord Of The Rings sets released back in summer 2012 then we are sure you will also really enjoy these new sets based on the Hobbit.

For over ten years Lego fans have been asking for Tolkien’s greatest works to be turned into brick form. Finally in 2012 fans got what they had been asking for. With the imminent release of An Unexpected Journey the first movie from the Hobbit trilogy the people at Lego decided it was finally time to strike a deal with Warner Brothers and bring Tolkien’s work to life. Back in June we were given seven stunning LOTR Lego sets which went down really well with fans and now to mark the release of Peter Jackson’s first movie we are going to be seeing six Hobbit sets hit the stores. Here at the Hobbit Hole we are really excited for these new releases so we decided we should take a close look at each set coming out. This time round it’s the turn of The Goblin King Battle, so let’s have a look.

The New Goblin Lego Set

The Goblin King Battle Lego Set

Initially when we first heard about these new sets this one was said to be called The Orc King. Fans of Tolkien’s book though will know that the creatures Bilbo meets under the Misty Mountains are referred to as Goblins. So we are pleased to say that the confirmed title is now The Goblin King Battle. This set comes with the item number 79010.

The build is based on Goblin Town which is of course located deep in the heart of the Misty Mountains. We don’t want to give to much away if you don’t know the story but basically Bilbo and the Dwarves are captured by the Goblins and carried off down into the mountains to Goblin Town. Here they are confronted by the terrifying Great Goblin who in this set is simply known as the Goblin King. As the set’s name suggests an all mighty battle takes place between the Dwarves and the Goblins. We won’t tell you anything more than that, you will have to either read the book or see the movie.

So what does this build involve. Well the bulk of it is structures we would find in Goblin Town. This is the largest of the new releases and it has around 850 pieces. You can make things such as the throne for the Great Goblin, a bridge and lots of interesting looking machinery designed to torture unsuspecting passers by. There is also a little cage you can put the minifigures in, along with cook pots for cooking minifigures. There are also quite a few moving parts that you can trigger, flick fire missiles are in evidence and also the bridge can collapse if you press a trigger. All good little features which give greater playability to the set.

This set looks like costing somewhere near $100 so it really is quite a substantial set. One of the highlights are the minifigures. With this one you get eight in total, these being Gandalf, Nori, Dori and Ori, three small Goblins and one giant Goblin King. The Goblin King is fantastic and reminds us a lot of the Cave Troll we got in the Mines Of Moria set earlier in the year.

When it comes to a release date for the build we are told it should be available by early December. It makes sense for Lego to get this out there just before the release of the film and we would not be surprised if the release date comes a little earlier than stated. These toys should certainly be in shops by Christmas though.

Goblin King Minifigure

More Hobbit Sets For The Future

As we mentioned earlier there are six sets in total being released so the other five will be An Unexpected Gather which is basically a build of Bag End featuring Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves. Riddles For The Ring which is the smallest set featuring Gollum’s Cave. Attack Of The Wargs which has some nice new moulds from Lego which look like giant wolves. Fleeing From Mirkwood Spiders has some great looking spiders and features the controversial inclusion of Tauriel and Legolas. Then finally Escape In The Barrels which has some wood Elves in there.

What about future sets though. Obviously 2012 has been huge for Lego based on Tolkien’s work but we are pretty sure we will get plenty more sets in 2013. We expect a second wave of LOTR sets released over the summer and then probably more Hobbit sets later in the year. So what could we see. Well when it comes to Lord Of The Rings sets there are some great ideas out there are loads of possibilities. Sets mentioned include Orthanc, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, The Black Gate, Mount Doom, The Eye Of Sauron, Bree and quite a few more. There are so many characters and scenes that designers could draw on.

As for possible Hobbit sets well the list of possibilities is not quite as long but there are still some good ideas out there. We would love to see some kind of Smaug build or a Lonely Mountain. Another good one would be something based on Lake Town. One thing is for sure, there is lots of excitement around these future sets and fans will be eager to learn what Lego have in store for us.

As we get closer to the release date for the first Hobbit movie the hype really is starting to build. Lego fans all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on these new sets and this one, The Goblin King Battle looks like possibly being the most exciting of the lot. When these go on sale we are sure they will be snapped up in no time. All we can do now is wait for the release of these brilliant new Lego builds.


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