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The Greatest Call of Duty Games of All Time - w/Dreammore

Updated on September 11, 2017
Welcome to episode 2 of the Dreammore blog. Our slice of the internet, taking an in-depth look over the Call of Duty franchise, typically focusing on the meta game
Welcome to episode 2 of the Dreammore blog. Our slice of the internet, taking an in-depth look over the Call of Duty franchise, typically focusing on the meta game

Welcome to the Dreammore Blog

This is the best spot for the latest news, community gripes, concerns and online how-tos, for Call of Duty games. We try.

The Dreammore blog uploads daily entries that basically covers the Call of Duty universe, and we hope that this blog grows into an entity of Call of Duty fans complaining about everything that Activision is doing wrong. At least, that is what we are going to be doing.

Dreammore Uploads Daily

There is more information to come, as we explore the Call of Duty meta space, and any other area to the Call of Duty universe, and our opinions will stand tall.

So, be sure to subscribe to get a load of the latest news and gripes first here at Dreammore.

Episode #2 - Top 5 Greatest Call of Duty Games of All Time!

If you are reading this then chances are Call of Duty is one of those franchises that has remained a part of your catalogue. Perhaps even for a far few years, and for the most part there is always one or two that keep in mind the most when referring back to past experiences in the Call of Duty franchises online mode.

This list could have been for the top 10 Call of Duty games of all time, but we feel that it makes more of a statement to hone in the top of the top when it comes to the Call of Duty games released over what is nearly a decade and half of video game title launches.

We understand that every Call of Duty fan has their personal top favourite Call of Duty game, probably because it simply has the best multiplayer gameplay and features, and to an extent we would agree that the multiplayer is the single most important platform within the titles for the franchise, so this is our main focus.

See if you agree with our choices.

No.5 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Single player campaign: This is probably not one of the greatest single player campaigns if reviews given by existing players who have had the joy of giving it a whirl around is anything to go by.

We, ourselves, have not had the pleasure of ever playing the campaign for this game, but have instead gone by reviews that we have read from the majority of the fan-base for the game. Not great. Then again, fans for the Call of Duty franchise, online anyways, seems to all anonymously believe that the futuristic setting is not the place for the franchise to be. We say... fair enough.

Zombies game mode: Once again, we have not had the pleasure of playing the zombies game mode for this instalment of the Black Ops series, but if the internet is anything to go by, the fans applauded the efforts to take the zombies game mode into the future with Black Ops 3.

Multiplayer game mode: This, however, we have had the joy of playing. It was unlike any boots-on-the-ground Call of Duty experience that we have ever had in the past, but this did not generally make the game bad for us. This is why we have awarded Treyarch's third Black Ops game the position in number 5 for this list.

As, out of all of the futuristic based game settings for the Call of Duty franchise this was the only one that delivered an all-round good multiplayer experience that could see players happily entering into their top prestiges without disaster faltering their every attempt.

No.4 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Single player campaign: An impressive sequel to Call of Duty 4, that would seamlessly bring back the same campaign as the original modern warfare only it is being continued.

The campaign in MW2 is not groundbreaking or evolutionary in any way, but it did make for an entertaining return to the modern warfare franchise.

Spec Ops: This was an extra game mode brought to us by Infinity Ward that would serve as a side-dish of entertainment for gamers to enjoy the depths of taking down enemy hordes one after the other.

A little bit like zombies in the sense that there will be reinforcements for the opposition unlike the friendlies, but very different in the sense that the zombies mode was iconic, but the spec-ops mode was nothing more than a bit on the side.

The defining multiplayer game mode: Call of Duty 4 was gone and buried alive as soon as Modern Warfare 2 launched, as the multiplayer was somewhat of a spectacle back in 2009 when it first released onto the old-generation consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The MW2 multiplayer had over-powered weapons, over-powered kill streaks, simply laid out map designs, and the fans loved all of it. It was an evolutionary time for the Call of Duty franchise when it was finally being realised that it could all be done better. This was the first online Call of Duty to change the XP earned per kill, originally 10XP a kill (standard) in Call of Duty 4 and World at War, now 100XP a kill (standard). Not a big deal. Yes, this was a major deal for the franchise. It showed things could be better.

The MW2 multiplayer had the first online experience where the majority of the players were getting to high-experience levels and prestiges. In previous Call of Duty titles people would have said having 10 prestiges is too much, but in MW2 fans wanted more.

There was so much to take away from MW2's multiplayer game mode that fans of the franchise series simply adored, from the iconic weapons - M16, ACR, AK-47, to the iconic kill streaks - none more so than the nuclear bomb, and the prestige emblems that were more satisfying than ever to earn.

To put it finely, the MW2 multiplayer was without a doubt one of the most evolutionary online experiences for the Call of Duty franchises. But, it was totally and utterly mayhem.

The mayhem is probably the reason why we have stuck one of the most beloved titles of the franchise in forth place, as the ones listed above it felt more balanced, and therefore a better experience to be enjoyed without the rage-like situations that could simply destroy a players overall experience on a game like MW2.

No.3 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Single player campaign: The Black Ops 2 campaign was the start of the angle into taking the direction for the franchise into the future. This was not the worst predicament for this title, but did leave the campaign a little astray from the Call of Duty traditionalist days.

Zombies game mode: The iconic zombies mode was back, and this time it would be brought in the form of a more structured map.

This was done by having different drop-off locations in the map that could be reached only by taking the bus. The 1950s take on the zombies was interesting, and left fans exhausted after trying to find all of the easter eggs left plotted around the different locations.

The defining multiplayer game mode: This was perhaps our most difficult list choosing, as it was a straight choice between Black Ops 1 or Black Ops 2. In the end, we chose Black Ops 2 because its multiplayer was brought up to pace in standards that we felt the first in the Black Ops series did not achieve.

The iconic multiplayer map, Nuketown, was to return from Black Ops 1 into Black Ops 2 and the map was far improved from the first due to the improvement in graphics and game designing mechanics.

No.2 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Single player campaign: The most iconic of all of the Call of Duty campaigns from 2007 have been brought back in re-polished, remastered graphics for the next-generarion consoles in 2016.

Lots of Call of Duty fans would have to lay claim to Call of Duty 4 having the greatest of all of the single player campaigns. And, we believe that World at War did it better, but Call of Duty 4 comes in at a close second. But, the remaster gave us the same single player experience but in better, updated graphics.

The defining multiplayer mode: Call of Duty 4 is a classic, and a great FPS online game by its own right. But, we feel that the experience is further enhanced in the 2016 remaster for the same title, and this is why we have landed Modern Warfare Remastered in the second place position for this list.

However, we have made the decision of sticking Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in joint second place as the multiplayer was within its own right a standalone piece of entertainment that even remastering could not do the same.

The best part about Modern Warfare Remastered's/Call of Duty 4's multiplayer game mode is its simplicity when bringing forth the entertainment. The guns were realistic, yet at their bare basics to what we would see commonly used in the modern world of warfare today, and the kill streaks were also ever so simple, and this is what made the game within its own right, simplistic and purified entertainment.

No.1 - Call of Duty: World at War

The single player campaign: World at War was Treyarch development studios first Call of Duty title to launch within the franchise back in 2008. The single player campaign was a grand spectacle and truly immersed its players into the horrors of world war 2.

The zombies mode: What truly astonished the greater part of the player base for World at War was the horrific zombies game mode that enabled players to team up with up to 3 allies to take on wave after wave of zombie hordes. This has to have been the most innovative take on an extra game mode that we have ever seen in any Call of Duty developers extras that fans of the franchise has ever bared witness to.

The Defining multiplayer mode: Throughout the life cycles of Call of Duty franchise development it has long been the multiplayer game modes that have been the deciding game mode for many fans of the franchise, to as to whether the game is to be one of the greatest, mediocre, or worst.

World at War changed things up from the style of multiplayer that we saw in the previous year within Call of Duty 4, as they saw to make their maps larger, more detailed, and overall - more satisfying to play.

We all have quite open opinions when it comes to the world war 2 era as we all have vivid imaginations to as to how it would have been back in those horrendous days, due to the movie industry capitalising on the war, TV shows similarly doing so, and video-games - most iconically Call of Duty doing the same.

And, World at War had the imagination to make it all work to the most extreme of reckonings for its multiplayer game mode. The maps were bigger than we had ever seen before, and this is a point worth re-mentioning as it brought with it drivable tanks that could be used to obliterate the enemy team.

The maps were also medium to slow to size, and this made for better warfare opportunities in using the shotgun and sub-machine gun classes. World at War kept its multiplayer game mode simple in that the style of warfare was very much based around the size and complexity of each of its maps.

For many this was ground-breaking, and to be quite frank - the game that everybody had long been waiting for when seeking out a Call of Duty title for its enjoyment of playing.


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