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The Gunsmith in Buried - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015
The View from the Gunsmith window on the second floor.
The View from the Gunsmith window on the second floor. | Source

The Gunsmith building is very important in Buried because it holds the majority of the Chalk Weapons that can be drawn on the walls. This building is also useful in accessing other areas and buildings.

In This Guide:

  • A Description of the Gunsmith
  • Items found in the Gunsmith
  • Accessing the Gunsmith
  • What You Need To Know

Description of The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith is a long wooden building with a large playable roof. There is a wide opening in the front that is blocked when the game starts. The Giant can smash this barrier if you feed him Booze. The second floor of the Gunsmith building is much smaller than the first floor.

The second floor is comprised of two rooms. The front room has stairs that lead to the floor below and a window that leads to the roof. The back room is very small and has a blocked exit that leads to the Tunnels. The First Floor has three rooms the front room, the bank tunnel room, and the room with the stairs.

The Gunsmith is behind the General Store and Bank. It is located between the Saloon and the Barn.

The Chalk Weapons are located in the Gunsmith building.
The Chalk Weapons are located in the Gunsmith building. | Source

Items inside The Gunsmith

If you have the Paralyzer you can easily access the Gunsmith.
If you have the Paralyzer you can easily access the Gunsmith. | Source

Ways To Enter And Exit The Gunsmith

There are multiple ways to enter and exit the Gunsmith building. The method used will depend on the players access to Booze, points for clearing obstacles, and the amount of time they would like to spend accessing the Building.

Method 1: No Cost Method

This method can be time consuming, but will not require the player to have send points or use Booze. First you will go to the top floor of the Sheriff's Office and across the walkway that leads to the Barn. Then drop down to the lower level of the Barn and go into the Tunnel. Follow the Tunnel across the jump and into the top level of the Saloon. Finally, jump from the balcony of the Saloon onto the roof of the Gunsmith building.

Method 2: From the Tunnels

This method only requires the player to purchase the couch that is blocking entry. Go into the Tunnels using the same path described in method 1. However, before you get to the gap there will be a couch on your left hand side. Purchase the couch in order to enter the second floor in the back room.

Method 3: Break The Barrier

In this method you will need to have access to Booze. Feed the Booze to the Giant when his back is facing the barrier. He will smash through the barrier. This will give you access to the middle room on the first floor.

Method 4: The Paralyzer

If you have the Paralyzer you can fly to the roof of the Gunsmith Building. From here you can enter the window to the second floor.

Method 5: From Below

Finally, you can enter the Gunsmith by taking the underground passageway that leads out of the Bank. This passageway will lead to the first floor of the Gunsmith building.

Exiting the Gunsmith

There are multiple ways to exit the Gunsmith Building. If the barrier is smashed you can go out the front door. You can also exit from the second floor by buying the couch and taking the tunnel, or by exiting the window onto the roof. Once on the roof you can either jump down, or jump across to the Bank. If you have a Trample Steam you can place it on the edge of the roof facing the Saloon, and fling yourself to the top floor of the Saloon.

What You Need To Know

  • You can access the Gunsmith building in Borough Grief. The barrier on the bottom will already be removed. Mule Kick and the Mystery Box location are in the same spots in this game mode, but the Chalk Weapons are not available.


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