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The Hardest John Elway Football Cards to Collect: 1993-1994

Updated on November 3, 2011

1993 Score Ore-Ida John Elway QB Club #1

This PSA 9 is the only Elway football card graded this high. There are no PSA 10's. The football card can be purchased now for under $10 on Ebay. The problem with getting a high grade lies in the nature of the card itself.

Acquiring this particular football card meant purchasing specially-marked Ore-Ida products, filling out the order form, then sending it back along with proof of purchase.

In any situation where football cards, or any other collectible cards for that matter, are traveling through the mail, the chance of some kind of damage that knocks the card out of pristine condition is always possible.

1993 Topps Fantasports John Elway #7

This football card is actually an element in an interactive trading game, the first of its kind, which was marketed in four cities: Houston, Kansas City, Buffalo, and Washington D.C. The only way to get these cards was to pay the $159 fee and then you received the entire set of 200. They were never sold at retail. The goal of the game was to compile the best fantasy score over an 18-game period (not sure the details about how that was done). The winner got tickets to the Superbowl.

1994 Action Packed Coastars John Elway #4

This is the only one of these football cards (not actually a card, but a coaster) graded PSA 9. None have been graded higher. I'm not sure any others have been graded at all, though they are available on Ebay and not as hard to find as they once were.

The reason I have it is because I was contacted as a result of having my set on the PSA registry. The guy who owns one of the top Dan Marino sets contacted me to let me know he was a huge John Elway fan and had many of his football cards, but just couldn't devote his time to it. This was one of the cards he sold me.

1994 Pro Mags John Elway #2

This football card is the highest-graded one in existence. This is a magnet that looks like a football card. The back is all black. Although they are rare in graded form, the magnets do pop up on Ebay from time-to-time and can usually be purchased for less than $15.

There is definitely a #3 John Elway magnet and I'm not sure if there's a #1 John Elway magnet, but one would presume there is.

Only 750 of each card were produced.


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