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The Heartwood Creek Collection by Jim Shore

Updated on September 3, 2012

Heartwood Creek Collections are the creation of artist Jim Shore. Mr. Shore  states his inspirations for his works are from his grandmother's influence and inspired by quilting.  His grandmother taught him an appreciation for the art of quilting.  He states he is a collector of quilts and has some that  date back as many as 150 years.    Besides his fascination with quilting and the master pieces he has obtained over the years, Jim Shore has a degree in engineering.  He was employed as an engineer but was constantly creating sculptures and paints.   One day when he had the resources he created his first company Designs  Americana.  He wet to an art show to market his sculptures and found he had enough orders and contacts to begin manufacturing his wares nearly three years later.  He had 350 employees and more orders than he could fill.  In the year 2000 he got some backing from the collectible company Enesco.  Through his partnership with Enseco Jim Shores was able to expand his collection by leaps and bounds for nearly every occasion.

Home accessories

Besides making great sculptures, Jim Shores has also produced stylish home accessories.  Some of his home accssories include ceramic ware, iron towel holder, farm house wire rack for pot holders, and ceramic sugar and creamer containers.  Jim Shores has six collections in the area of Home accessories. 

 Jim Shores estimates he has designed over 3000 Santa's for his collection since 2001.  How does he keep up?  Since the demand for his pieces is high he can no longer craft the master sculpture.  what he does is take a detailed drawing and send it to master sculptures who in turn create molds for the first masterpiece.  The molds are sent back to Jim Shores for careful inspection. Often the molds are sent back for revision until it is to his specifications.  Then the first sculpture is created out of poly resin clay.  Each piece is hand painted  with colors and designs inspired by quilts.

The Jim Shores St Nick Kneeling over baby Jesus is one of the more popular of Jim Shores Santas.  The figure stands about 7.5 inches tall and features Santa kneeling over the baby Jesus.  It is made of resin and is hand painted with a lot of detail.  Customers like this figure and comment how it depicts the true meaning of Christmas.  Another customer comments on how much cheaper this figure is on Amazon compared to the Hallmark stores!  This figure is also sold as an ornament too!

Jim Shore makes a variety of Christmas ornaments. You can find many Disney Ornaments , Santa ornaments even cat ornaments.  Here is an example of the quality of ornaments that Jim Shores creates.  The Christmas Fairly Sitting on top of an Ornament Figurine  is very whimsical!  I love the detail of this 4.5 inch tall ornament. This little fairy sits cross legged on top of an elegantly detailed Christmas bulb.  Very elegant and unique. It would make a great Christmas gift. 

Jim Shores Heartwood creek collections include every holiday even Thanksgiving!  This angel is made of resin and has a lot of detail.  She is ten inches tall and holding a plate of fruit.  Her long dress has the picture of an Indian and Pilgrim meeting for Thanksgiving.  She stand on a platform that says Giving Thanks Together.  This is a great gift for this time of year, especially if you are visiting another family for the Holiday!

Heartwood Creek is celebrates all holidays and all seasons.  Make the Covered Pumpkin Box with mini Figurines a part of your Autumn decorations.  This cute ensemble includes resin figures with great detail.  The pumpkin is 10 inches high.  Inside is a basket of apples hinged box, a pear shaped hinge box, a bird figurine and a sunflower figurine.  The pumpkin has a lot of ornate designs on the outside.

As mentioned before Jim Shores Heartwood collections has an angel for every holiday, season and month!  The Heartwood Collection has Angles just because too.  The Jim Shore Angle with cat is such an example.  This angel is eight inches tall. It features an angel holding her cat in an embrace. The cat is sitting on top of her arms soaking up all the attention he can get.  There is a lot of detail on this resin figure.  I like that the Angle has flower decorations on the bottom of her dress.  It makes a nice contrast with pattern on the rest of her.  Very rich in color and detail.  Would make a very nice gift for your favorite cat person!

The Jim Shore Halloween witch with hidden scene is one of the more popular of Heartwood creeks witches!.  She is made of resin and stands 5.25 inches long and 4.25 inches wide.  This ornate witch is dressed in a cape with the moon and stars.  She stands with one hand holding a basket of apples and in the other she has a broom with a crow on top of it!  What makes her so special is that she has a secret compartment in her.  Open her door and discover a cemetery scene complete with ghosts!

The Jim Shore Nativity Mini figures with Creche comes in a set of ten.  Figurines come in sizes from 1 1/4 inch to 4 and 1/2 inches.  This is a customer favorite. They state that the nativity set is beautiful and a great product.  They caution other customers to recognize that this is a  mini set!

I came across the Jim Shores Collection by accident. The gift shoppe where I work carries some of his works. I purchased a cat. Whimsical and always looking like he has the answers the cat sits on my desk at work. I think it is a great piece of artwork and recommend you get one of your own. The Jim Shores Heartwood Creek Collection Kitty in a Witch Hat stands over seven inches tall.  I love the look of indifference on this cat.  I also love that there is a bird on his tail in the back.  I wonder if he knows?

New for 2012

This Wicked Kitty Halloween Cat is new for 2012. With it's cute patchwork belly I don't find it so wicked. I love how he is letting a little bird perch on his hand and the snazzy jack o lantern he is sitting on.

Do you like Jim Shore's figurines?

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