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The History of Mewtwo

Updated on March 4, 2018
Daniel Gottlob profile image

Daniel is a mechanical engineer residing in Texas who has worked in various manufacturing, training, and job recruitment functions.

As a kid, I grew up playing Pokemon Red and Blue version, collecting the cards, and watching the cartoon show with Ash, Misty, and Brock. After playing Pokemon Gold and Silver, I took a break from Pokemon. With the rise of Pokemon Go my interest in this universe has been sparked once again and with it the coveted Mewtwo. Mewtwo was the end all, be all of Pokemon in the Red and Blue version. Even with an ever growing Pokemon universe, for me the first 151 will always be my favorites.

Mewtwo Versus Pikachu


What is so special about Mewtwo?

Mewtwo was a genetically engineered Pokemon, a product of "science". Mewtwo is easily one of the strongest if not the strongest pocket monster in the arsenal arguably capable of defeating Arceus and Mew. He is a psychic based pokemon with the ability to speak to people, teleport, copy abilities, and control minds He is the last boss in various Nintendo mediums and there is only one Mewtwo.

Mewtwo's origin really starts with a Pokemon called Mew. Mew is a legendary Pokemon and considered the ancestor of all the Pokemon with links to all the Pokemon in its genetic code. Fun fact, Pokemon originated in 1996 and this was the same year Dolly the Sheep was cloned so it was a pretty big topic at the time.

When a fossilized specimen of Mew was found, Dr. Fuji uses the DNA in order to clone Mew and splice it's DNA. Hence, Mewtwo is derived from Mew. There are also some thoughts that human DNA was used as well but I don't think anything canon confirms that. In the universe, Dr. Fuji also clones his deceased daughter at the same time as Mewtwo. Mewtwo befriends the child but she gets sick and dies. Ultimately, Dr. Fuji sedates Mewtwo until he can fully develop and then wipes its memories of him and his daughter.

Fast forward and an adult Mewtwo wakes up very angry and destroys the lab. Giovanni of the criminal enterprise Team Rocket stumbles across Mewtwo and convinces him that he can assist Mewtwo in controlling his powers. Though, it turns out Giovanni is not a good guy and really only wants him as a weapon. Eventually, Mewtwo breaks from Giovanni and has an Ultron moment and questions his existence and vows vengeance over the people that created him. Mewtwo then lures trainers and their Pokemon to him and then clones the Pokemon which he then has fight their originals. This then prompts Mew to re-emerge, thought to be extinct. Ultimately the battle ends with the show's Pokemon trainer protagonist Ash sacrificing him (but getting revived). Mewtwo then wipes everyone's minds and seeks refuge with Mew and the clones abandoning the fighting.

Later, after Mewtwo has found peace, Giovanni seeks Mewtwo once again. Giovanni is defeated, his memory wiped out, and Mewtwo embarks on his own.

Currently, in the Pokemon Go game, he is a special invite raid boss. In this game his combat power is surpassed by Slaking, Groudon, and Kyogre.


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