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The History Of Yoshi

Updated on April 7, 2018
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Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

From The Island To The Mushroom Kingdom

Making his first appearance in Super Mario World, the Yoshis are a breed of super friendly dinosaur-type animals that often aid Mario in his adventures and enter into the offshoot sporting event spin offs.

We know a lot about the friendly dinos, that even helped Mario and Luigi when they were babies according to the Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's New Island games, and The Switch announced a yet to be named installment of the standalone series for our green friend to come to the hybrid console.

The species comes in many colors and has both genders, although it is mainly the green variety we associate as Yoshi, named for the island where Mario and Luigi first encounter the reptilian creature in Super Mario World and branching back before that in the prequels games for Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's New Island, for the 3DS, somewhat of a retelling of the time that baby Mario siblings were saved from the evil Kamek. It is assumed the green Yoshi that seen in everything from other Super Mario Bros to Mario Kart is the same Yoshi, although they can be many different colors. The fist appearance in Super Mario World only showcases three colors: red, blue, yellow, and the traditional green- although by later games, the dinos can be found in many more hues.

Super Mario Odyssey brings back the lovable Yoshi as a character Mario can change into found on top of Peach's Castle.


From a first appearance in Super Mario World, Yoshi was a faithful companion to Mario by the release of games for the 64 franchise. The adorable green dinosaur was a staple of the Mushroom Kingdom, and eventually went on to spawn his off spin off games like Yoshi's Wolly World, Yoshi's Island, and is even getting a stand alone game for The Switch to be released in the next year.

Yos-He Or Yos-She

The abilities of Yoshi change, depending on the game. In early Mario titles, the Yoshi was a little more of a mount, allowing Mario to ride on him, jump higher, glide, and would aid in eating enemies or chucking eggs at them- but some could argue that Mario was a bad master sometimes taking a jump that would leave Yoshi to die in the process or leaving behind the current Yoshi in an area to find another egg and hatch a new one making his companion rather replaceable.

Does Mario not remember how the whole island community came together to save him and Luigi as babies?

In the spin off titles, Yoshi has a little more abilities as he is control. In the Island series game for example, Mario must be kept alive while Yoshi fights various enemies showing his savvy by slinging eggs to open traps, gain items, unlock paths-all while toting a screaming infant Mario that will be caught in a bubble and drift away if he isn't knocked back down to be collected for some reason by Kamek. Was there ever really an explanation for why he was taking babies?

When Yoshi eats, he what can only be explained by the animation as "produces" an egg out his backside. More eating, more eggs. Digested enemies, and items can become eggs while as in New Island trail behind Yoshi and can be used as weapons when spit at enemies, or used to open new pathways, and set off traps. As Yoshi completes an area on the Island he hands Mario off to a new color Yoshi to keep completing the journey, showcasing by the second game in the series just how many colors of Yoshi are now in existence.

Leading to the question, do both genders produce eggs? Are they a hermaphroditic species? Is this too much thinking for a Mario game?

Yoshi continued his flinging of Koopa shells, and eggs into the Wii and most recently The Switch generation of Mario games which also begs the question of how many of the Yoshi species have helped out the Mario clan in times of trouble?

Will The Switch go for a new tale about Yoshi culture in their new installment or retell his previous adventures the way the Island series did pointing back to how it all started for the gentle creatures first saving the Mario Bros?


Yoshi of either gender have the ability to eat enemies, or items and and produce eggs which can be used as projectiles.


Two Sides To Every Story

Appearing at E3 in 2017, Nintendo released a trailer for a new stand alone Yoshi game for the hybrid console as new titles emerge. Already with his name infamous for his assistance of the plumber brothers, the species had Yoshi's Story, Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi's New Island, and Yoshi's Wooly World under their respective belts as well as being a playable character in games like in the Mario Kart franchise, Mario Party titles, and mini games in other areas of the Super Mario Bros franchise.

The game still unnamed, shows our dino buddy walking through a cardboard world collecting coins, fighting piranha plants, and shooting eggs into the face of Shy Guys. It appears to also have a two player set up with a second color Yoshi trailing the first, but nothing is known about what the story entails or why the setting seems to be reminiscent of things like Paper Mario and earlier Yoshi games.

What will having a two player set up for a Yoshi game be like on The Switch? What will the game be called? We will have to just wait and see upon its release.

Is Mario Mean To Yoshi

One of the few non humanoid companions of the Mario franchise, it can be argued that maybe Mario isn't exactly the nicest in his handling of his trusty, most often green dino friend.

In some game animations it appears that Mario is punching Yoshi in the head on jumps prompting movement and the throwing of projectiles. Considering Mario is known for his abrasive jumping on Goombas and Koopa troopers and bashing every brick in the Mushroom Kingdom with his head even though we know from the manual from the original Super Mario Bros game that each brick was a transformed resident of the Kingdom that has somehow been changed- just for some points and lousy coins; it really leaves no wonder that Mario has few animal friends.

While the species helped save him as a child, he has no issue with abandoning his current Yoshi if it can't make a jump or move to a new area just to find an egg and get a new one as if they mean nothing at all.

If you think about it the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is kind of a jerk going around wrecking the place. Why should he have to keep rescuing Peach anyway? If there is such a security issue in the Mushroom Kingdom and its assumed that Mario and Peach are an item, why not just protect her a little more? But that is an argument for another time.

The yet to be named new Yoshi title will release on The Switch sometime in 2018 according to Nintendo.


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    • JynBranton profile image

      Jennifer B 5 weeks ago from Bolingbrook

      I've been trying to do a series on all the old Nintendo characters now with The Switch out. I love Mario

    • Amanda Bowles profile image

      Amanda Bowles 5 weeks ago from Arizona

      Loved reading this, especially since I played Yoshi Story and many of the Mario games growing up! It was like a flashback to the good days. :)