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The Hobbit: Kingdoms Of Middle-Earth Tips, Hints & Cheats

Updated on December 4, 2012

Here at the Hobbit Hole we naturally love all things Hobbit, so when we heard there was a fantastic new Hobbit game out on the iPhone, we had to give it a try. So today we are going to take a look at The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth. We will talk you through the game and give you some handy tips and hints on how to improve your game playing experience and then we will also look to see if there are any Hobbit Kingdoms Of Middle Earth cheats out there for you.

Over the past year or so as the hype surrounding Peter Jackson massive film release of The Hobbit increases we have seen more and more Hobbit games and apps come onto the market. Some of these are pretty average whereas some are very good, probably the best one to come out though is this one, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. This role play game is made by Kabam Games but it also has the big movie studios backing such as Warner Brothers. So as you can imagine, this game is pretty impressive. So first of all let’s take you through what happens in the game.

The Hobbit Game

Kingdoms Of Middle Earth - The Plot

So basically the idea is simple. You start with a city and must build your city up from scratch, then you go out into Middle Earth and conquer other cities. When you start you have a choice of playing as either Dwarves or Elves. So you make your selection and then start to play. At first there is a tutorial which sets you various tasks you must complete to progress. This can be a little boring but it helps you learn how the game works and as there is quite a lot to learn in the game it is important you follow the tutorial through.

As you play the game you realise that there are lots of things you can do. You must build quarry, farms and the like to increase your cities resources, you have to build barracks, forges and watchtowers to increase the level your city reaches. You can improve the strength of your city walls and build up your defences. When you have barracks you can start to train your troops and increase the might of your city. There are lots of factors that are taken into account as you increase the size and might of your city.

For the first week you play the game your city is protected from incoming attacks. This means you can do what you like without having to worry, after a week though the gates are open to would be attackers. At this point though you can also go out and attack other people, so by doing this you can increase the wealth and resources of your city. You also have the ability to join alliances which will help defend your city and help your conquer others.

Screenshot From The Game

Tips & Hints For The Game

When you start the game it is pretty confusing as to what you should be doing, so we have come up with some handy tips and hints to help you out. First of all, take note of the missions. Complete these and you are awarded with free resources and gold, these of course come in very handy indeed. The screen can be hard to navigate so here are a few handy tips for that. The bottom left is a map icon, tap this and it will change your view from inner city, to outer city and then again on to the Middle Earth map. Tap on the bar at the top that shows you resources, this tells you how much of everything you are producing, plus there is an option to boost some of your supplies, this can be very helpful. The barrel icon in the top right corner shows you some of the items that you are using or can use, again some of these can be very handy to use. The bar at the bottom you can scroll along to reveal more options, have a look at some of these as they can give you good information.

To train troops you need to go to your barracks and then at the top of the screen you can click on the train troops tab. You also need to train your defences, to do this click on your city wall, to do this you must be on the inner city view, just click low down in the bottom left and you can tap the wall. Some of the things you want to build or train will be blocked, when this happens you can take note of what exactly you need in order to unlock this option. So you may have to a higher level of a city wall in order to build traps, or if you want larger hopes you may have to level up your keep. You can also train up heroes such as Legolas, Bilbo and Gandalf, do this in your great hall.

When it comes to the end of your week of protection you need to make sure you have plenty of might otherwise you will be an easy target for other armies. When someone does attack you they will not damage your city but they can wipe out your army and make off with your gold and other resources. When you want to start attacking people, make sure you always scout ahead first. If you get into a fight and lose, it will cost you a great deal of time and resources to train all those people up all over again.

Cheats For Hobbit Kingdoms Of Middle Earth

Often when games like this come around people look for cheats to get themselves one step ahead of the competition. After having a look around it seems like the are no cheats out there at the moment for Kingdoms of Middle Earth. This may at some point change and if we do hear of any cheats for the game we will of course update our page and let you know.

Of all the Hobbit games we have tried we will say that this one seems to be the best. There is so much to get involved in and the game does quickly become very addictive. There is a real sense of challenge to the game and as you are playing alongside other players it also adds a social element to game play. Although there are periods where the game play can be a little bit slow, there is always something to do to keep you occupied. If you like role play games and are a fan of Tolkien themed games then this is one that we are sure you will enjoy. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth really is a superb game and one that we will probably be playing for a good while yet.


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