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The Impossible Quiz Answers Part 3 (Questions 61-90)

Updated on December 16, 2017
poppyr profile image

Poppy lives near Tokyo with her husband and likes to read novels and play video games, especially fantasy RPGs.

Well done for making it this far! This is part 3 of the Impossible Quiz walkthrough. Don't forget to check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't already.

Answers 61 - 65

Question 61: (Y)

(Thumbs up icon)
(Thunder icon)
(Smiley face)
(Evil sheep)
Answer: (Thumbs up icon)

(Y) is a keyboard shortcut on chat systems like MSN and Skype to create a little thumbs up icon.

Question 62: It'th thimple. Click the moth! (You can see various pictures).

Answer: Click the moss (on the far left).

The question asker has a lisp - DON'T click the moth!

Question 63: What are chicken McNuggets made of?

100% chicken
Tasteless white filth
Answer: Tasteless white filth

Splapp-Me-Do isn't a fan of Chicken McNuggets, apparently.

Question 64: Which is true?

Egg > 28
Answer: Egg > 28

Just ignore the console debate and click 'egg is worth more than 28'.

Question 65: Click the largest. (You can see several different sized circles.)

Answer: Click the question where it says 'the largest'.

Another one of those jokes where technicality rules.

Answers 66 - 70

Question 66: Hurry up! It's the end of the world!

Answer: click the exclamation mark (!) after "world"

The answer is quite literally at "the end of 'the world'"

Question 67: What is this?

A big hairy arsonist
Modern art
Intelligent faeces
Answer: a big hairy arsonist

If you speak British English and therefore pronounce "ass" as "arse", you'll see it's another clever pun.

Question 68: (A picture of a cat and a bar)

Answer: simply move your mouse over the cat's back to fill the bar with the cat's joy.

Question 69: Are you enjoying the quiz?

I'm lovin' it!
lol, 69
Answer: lol, 69

Question 70: My dog's got no nose. How does it smell?

Like piss
Using its anus
How am I supposed to know?
Answer: using its anus

Splapp-me-do was probably running out of ideas at this point...

Answers 71 - 75

Question 71: Oh Christ...

Answer: The green, correct option will circle clockwise; simply click a green box at the right time.

Question 72: SEARCH!

Answer: On the far left section of the screen there is a clickable part. Keep searching until you find it. Or just use one of your many 'skip' options.

Question 73: ?

Answer: the second option

All the question marks look slightly different; number 2 most closely resembles the one in the question.

Question 74: How many questions does this quiz have?

No one knows that
You can't really class this as a quiz...
Answer: No one knows that

Question 75:
Think fast! (A bomb will appear on the screen.)

Answer: There is a tiny "Escape!" sign on the left side under the question number; quickly click it. If you fail, it's game over.

Questions 76 - 80

Question 76: ...You are my candy girl

Answer: Click the sugar once, and the honey bag twice

This question is a reference to the song "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies, in which the lyrics say "Sugar... ah, honey honey..."

Question 77: What is this? (A pcture of a brwn bag with a red T)

Mr Ts oven glove
Question 77
Answer: Question 77

Because... the question number.

Question 78:
Déjà Vu?

Cillit Bang
+1 Life
Answer: Four

"Four" was the correct answer to Question 1, "How many holes in a Polo?"

Question 79: The answer is a horseshoe

A horseshoe
What do you mean?
Horses wear shoes?!?
Answer: the U letter in "what do you mean"?

This is the only "U" in the question, and the letter "u" is a similar shape to a horseshoe.

Question 80 [WEB VERSION]: Sell your liver to...

Filthy Romanians
Anne Frank
4chan for the lulz
Answer: Filthy Romanians

When this quiz came out in 2007, Romania was known to have the highest rate of Hepatitis in the world. However, this question was considered offensive, and for the mobile version, a different question was made.

Question 80 [MOBILE VERSION]: To answer this question you need to know what Poker means.

What are Poker
How do I Poker?
Poker in the rear?
It's a card game, fool!
Answer: click the 'R' in the word "Poker" in the question

You need to "poke" "R".

Questions 81 - 85

Question 81: (you see a picture)

Answer: rub the rod, and then click the arrow when it appears.

Question 82: (you see a picture of two cartoon feet)

Answer: click all the nails to cut them before time runs out.

Question 83: What does 'D.N.A' stand for?

Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Do not abbreviate
Doormat, nice abacus
National Dyslexic Association
Answer: National Dyslexic Association

D.N.A with the D and the N switched = DNA

Question 84: Put the mouse... ...on here

Answer: This is like a mini-game in itself. Avoid the asteroids that dart across the screen and collect the 'skips'.

Question 85: Did you enjoy the last question?

Not at all
I loved it!
Hate. This. Quiz.
Space is a disgrace
Answer: I loved it!

No secret meaning here. The maker of the game put a lot of effort into making this quiz, so it's no wonder he'll take a life from you if you insult it.

Questions 86-90

Question 86: I'm green and I have sticky balls. Who am I?

The Incredible Hulk
The Prince
Slippy Toad
Answer: The Prince

Question 87: Click what's missing from this question.

A question mark
A point...
An answer
Answer: move your mouse near the question until the period (.) appears. Click it to proceed

Question 88: (you'll see a picture of some character from Sonic the Hedgehog)

Answer: This one is kind of gross; just keep clicking on Sonic's leg until Robotnik's job is complete. You can also skip this one.

Question 89: Which magical property do dog eggs contain?

Eternal youth
Oodles of cash
Answer: Blindness

Rubbing dog faeces in your eyes can cause blindness. Don't do it.

Question 90 [WEB VERSION]: How many times has Michael Jackson had a nose job?

Answer: Nonce

"Nonce" is a British slang word for child sex offender, and of course sounds similar to "none". This was considered offensive and problematic in the mobile version, and so a different question was made.

Question 90 [MOBILE VERSION]: My wife went on holiday alone to the West Indies...

Poor you.
You don't have a wife, you liar.
Answer: Jamaica?

Click here for the full explanation of this answer.

Part 4 is coming soon, so keep in touch!

© 2016 Poppy


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