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Land of Oz Minecraft World Download

Updated on August 24, 2011
Your house has landed on an oversized witch.
Your house has landed on an oversized witch.

The Land of Oz is a Minecraft World modeled after the world of Oz created by L. Frank Baum, later turned into a wildly popular MGM film starring Judy Garland. Now you can take Judy's place and make Oz your own!

You'll spawn in the Munchkin village where your house has just landed on a (rather large) witch, whose legs and feet are prominently sticking out from under the wooden walls.

Builders will be pleased to find an inventory stuffed absolutely choc full of useful items, and chests placed around the village hold even more materials if you're tempted to perhaps settle down then and there and build yourself a base. If not, you can begin following the yellow brick road.

I should warn you that there are potential spoilers in this article. If you want to give them a miss, skip to the bottom with your eyes closed and visit the official thread to download the world save file.

A yellow brick road. You know what to do.
A yellow brick road. You know what to do.

I must admit that it has been some time since I read the book or watched the movie, so my impressions of accuracy may very well be skewed, but I was very impressed with the dense forest that engulfed the yellow brick road soon after departing the village.

A very vivid part of the book from my perspective was the field of flowers, where Dorothy and her friends are put to sleep by the endless flowers. The creator of this wonderful world, Bergenco, has done a wonderful job of creating this pretty, but dangerous field, with the Emerald city rising in the distance.

Must... stay... awake...
Must... stay... awake...

And just when one is wondering where on earth Toto got to, he appears waiting faithfully on the yellow brick road as the Emerald City begins to show its truly impressive glory. The inherent blockiness associated with Minecraft aside, this really is a map with a sense of purpose built into it from the very beginning. The Emerald City is more than just an impressive but of Minecraft building, it is a true destination.

This would be the perfect map for anyone looking for a themed world to build in or start a server with. It's not so over built and populated that building in it would feel like heresy, but there's more than enough in place to give the player a sense of having landed in a real location with a real history. Wizard of Oz purists might be slightly disappointed with the lack of flying monkeys and actual tin men and cowardly lions, but that can all be made up for with skeletons and creepers and zombie pigmen.

Download The Land of Oz Minecraft World File


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