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The Legarus Campaign: A Warhammer 40k Story

Updated on April 16, 2015

Old Mistakes

It began in the Legarus System. Long Since beset by rebellion, the Imperium sent the Space Marines of the Dark Angels chapter to quell the unrest. Slowed by warp storms and other distress calls along the way, the fleet arrived in system battered and drained. Tracking Signals to a Dead world, Legarus Secundus, the Dark Angels set about establishing a foothold in system.

Unknown to the Dark Angels, another army of the Imperium had an interest in the Legarus System. The Grey Knights prognosticars had tracked a warp signature to the system and dispatched the 3rd Brotherhood to investigate. Upon arrival, the Grey Knights ordered the Dark Angels to withdraw but refused due to the 3rds failure to identify themselves.

Upon Landing, The Dark Angels realize that their Navigational System has been severely damaged, Making it Crucial for them to enact repairs before setting about restoring order to the system. Thus The Company Master in Command, Balthazar, Sends Two squads from the Ravenwing 2nd Company to survey and possible obtain the components needed to restore their ships. Ravenwing Squads Delta and Gamma Report that based on a Orbital Survey, the parts could be found either to the northern or eastern part an abandoned Hive city and agree to separate to cover more ground.

Lay of the Land

Upon arrival in their respective sectors, both Delta and Gamma spot what seems to be a rebellious faction of civilians armed and ready to assault them. Both squads open fire quickly and although they miss with a barrage of plasma, their Twin-Linked Bolters lay waste to a third of the rebels. Maimed but not beaten the rebels fire back resulting in the death of Sergent Leviticus of Gamma Squad in the North.

In the East, Delta Squad Uses a series of ruined buildings as cover from the rebels. Despite the loss of their Sergent, Gamma Squad locates and secures the supplies needed to repair their ships. Victory is short lived however as a vast horde of rebels break from cover, shouting out an unknown war cry and firing wildly as they charged.

Valiant as their efforts were, Gamma could not hope to hold against their numbers. They dug-in, using their bikes as cover they fired into the oncoming rush. Sadly it was not enough and the Squad was lost with all Battle-Brothers.

In your Opinion, Which Army is Most Likely to win the final battle for the Imperium

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