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The Legend of Dragoon

Updated on February 10, 2015

The Legend of Dragoon came out on June 11, 1999 in North America. It was released to compete with the Final Fantasy series and in my opinion it was better. The game had everything you could want from an RPG of the day. Starting off with character development, which didn't rely on a skill tree of any kind. What they did was give each character different additions to unlock. These additions in which only one could be activated at a time was the characters move set in battle. You had to choose one and then use it in battle to get good with it. The reason I say this is because while in battle you had to press a button to match the addition move on screen to get a higher damage combo. A square would appear on screen and when a second square lined up with the first you would have to press the X button. If you timed it right then you would move on to the second move of the addition. If you wanna see this combat system in action you can watch this video.

Combat system

Dragoon attack examples

Also keeping with the combat system were the dragon transformations,which again were a cool addition as it changed the way combat was. In dragon mode your attacks did more damage allowing you to fight harder enemies easier. It also usually gave you an attack all magic ability which is always helpful. The dragons normal attack also had a button pressing mechanic which was quite hard to time. If you did however manage to get the attack to full power it did massive damage to your opponent.

Dragoon Transformations

Cut scenes

Another strength of this game was its cut scenes. I can't praise them enough because the 3d rendered scenes were beautiful. Just talking about them doesn't do the game any justice, you must see to believe.

Party system

The game used the standard party system of most RPG's. You had various people to choose from but could only have three people in your party at a time. The game also had different Armour, weapons and accessories for you characters. Unfortunately you could never see the changes as there weren't any different skins. However this can be over looked because this is an amazing game.

Opening scene with in game walking

Map and encounters

The map of this game stretched across the 4 discs the game came with. It was a huge map and the fact that it stretched across 4 discs says it all. The world map acted like a quick travel because while on it you could move from location to location very quickly. However there were random encounters on this map. While off of the world map, the encounters could be avoided if you were smart about it. These weren`t as bad as random encounters in Final Fantasy which I also happen to like that series as well.

What I'd like to see

I would love to see a complete remake of this game for the current generation of consoles. The game could have actual Armour and weapons that changes to looks of your characters. They could expand of the already huge maps of the game. There is just so much potential that is being lost by not doing anything with the game. If Sony is reading, please make a remake of this game, it would do very well.

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