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The Lure of Candy Crush Saga

Updated on February 20, 2014

I must admit that I am one of millions of people who have become addicted to the game, Candy Crush Saga. If you've never heard of the game, let me share it with you:

Level 116 for Candy Crush Saga
Level 116 for Candy Crush Saga

This is the picture of Level 116 in the game. There are over 350 levels and once you start the game, you're hooked to complete level after level.

Object of Game

The object of the game is similar to the popular game, Bejeweled. Instead of matching gems, you match candies. When you match three like-candies together, they crush, explode and disappear from the screen. Match four or more like candies together and create a "special" candy that will have special powers. These powers can perform additional crushing by crushing an entire row or column or crushing all like candies off the board.

Every level has a different objective. You may be required to remove all candies housed in a special "jelly" off the screen in a predetermined amount of moves. In level 116 above, you have 40 moves to remove all the "jelly" . The "whipped cream" candies at the bottom introduce an additional obsticle. Once your 40 moves are up and you don't complete the objective, you lose a life. The maximum number of lives you can have at any given time is 5. When you lose a life, it is replenished in 30 minutes. The creators of this game force "time outs" for their addicted players.

Facebook Interaction

On top of all the inherit fun of the game, there is the Facebook interaction. If you link your game to Facebook, you can compare where you are in the saga with the rest of your Facebook friends who play the game. Not only that, instead of purchasing tickets for $0.99 to move to the next episode, you can ask your Facebook friends. When three friends send you tickets, you're on your way through to the next episode. In addition, your Facebook friends can send you additional lives. These come in handy when you run out of lives and just can't wait for your lives to replenish.

My personal Candy Crush Saga trail showing where my friends and I are on trail.
My personal Candy Crush Saga trail showing where my friends and I are on trail.

The Lure

This is an extremely addicting game. You download it, start playing and the next thing you know, you are driven to complete level after level! What is it about this game? I think there are several contributing factors:

  1. The drive to succeed- nothing satisfies me more than to complete a level and see "Sugar Crush" come accross the screen. This drive is intensified when I have difficulty completing a level. I have literally stayed on a level over a week with frustrations...coming oh so close only to be denied! Completing each level gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Problem Solving Escape- This game gives you a temporary escape from your real life problems. It allows you to problem solve in other ways, relax when stressed and provide a zone out opportunity. Those regenerating chocolates and those time bombs drive me crazy! I find myself strategizing to overcome those nuisance candies.
  3. The visual and auditory appeal- The different colors mesmerize you and I simply love to hear the sound of the candy crushing! It's hypnotizing.

If you need an escape and haven't tried this game, I challenge you to try it today. Get hooked like the rest of the world!


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