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The Main Strategy of Settlers of Catan

Updated on May 7, 2012


Settlers of Catan is a board game created by Mayfair Games. In this strategy game there is only one basic way to win, which is to earn ten victory points. This sounds easy, but becomes much harder when you have competitive land and limited resources. Also, the game is based on luck, and if you find yourself not getting the right rolls, or the resources you need for your normal strategy, it is always good to have a backup plan. So if you are finding trouble winning at this game, this is the hub for you! This hub is designed to show you the key tactics to succeeding at this strategy game!

Selecting Settlements

Selecting settlements can be troublesome, especially when your friends take all of the spots you want. But what exactly makes a spot good? Is it because it has all of the materials necessary for your "winning" strategy? Would that would if it was surrounded by numbers that never come up? OF COURSE NOT! When selecting where you want to put a settlement, do not only think about which resources you want, but also about how often those numbers may come up when players roll. But how? Guess what, the creators of Settlers have already figured this out for you! There are dots underneath the numbers, these dots represent how often each number is rolled. To figure out how valuable a certain spot is, add up the dots of every number touching that spot. This will tell you which spot will give you the most resources.

Playing Tips

1. Trade often

This may seem bad at first, because you are helping other players, but you must also think about yourself and your own strategies. By using the cards that others obtain, you can get more settlements and cities, assisting you even more in the long-run of the game.

2. Adjust Your Strategy

It is always good to have a strategy planed, but there is luck involved in this game. Have a backup plan so that luck can never ruin your chances of winning.

3. Beware of Sevens

If you have a lot of cards in your hand, try to use them if you can (even if what you buy may not initially help your strategy). Otherwise, if someone rolls a seven (including yourself) you will lose half of your cards!

Never Give Up

Normally when I win at Settlers of Catan, I earn four victory points in my last turn and slide right past those who have eight or nine points. No matter how grim things may look never give up. Infact, look at it as an advantage. if everyone thinks you are a weaker player then they will be willing to trade more with you and let you get away with placing the robber on their settlements without wanting revenge against you.

For more distinctive strategies, see my list of strategies page!


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