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The Most Beautiful and Inspiring Video Game Soundtracks

Updated on November 5, 2016

We love video games, we enjoy playing them, we like to experience the immersion. We want to feel as if we were actually the ones in the game and empathize with the characters in it as if people that we know personally. The action, gameplay and the detail is what brings us to love a video game and really stick to it as time goes. But what makes it more memorable and soul-stirring is the soundtrack. Soundtracks is what make games more engaging, It makes the game come to life. When the music and the game fits so well together, it just adds a lot more emotion into it.

The music sets the atmosphere of the game, the feeling of being afraid whenever we hear the boss theme playing in the background or in moments when those sad and desolate melodies play when a main character dies that sometimes just force ourselves to burst into tears. Have you tried searching those songs from your favorite video games and while listening, you feel nostalgic, you can't help but remember how you felt the first time you've played that game. That's also one way of telling the game is good. I've made a list of the most beautiful and inspiring soundtracks from video games.

Civilization - Baba Yetu

An award wining song composed by Christopher Tin back in 2005, "Baba Yetu", the Swahili translation of the Lord's Prayer, is the theme song for the video game Civilization. It is the very first piece of video game music to have won the Grammy award. It gained various performances all over the world and covers from artists on the web. As the game itself praised by countless fans, is also considered the most important video game of all time, accompany it with a powerful song and you got yourself a masterpiece.

Halo 3

This is definitely why we love Halo 3, the best part of the Bungie Halo games is the soundtracks. The music of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 is by an American composer Michael Salvatori alongside Martin O'Donnel, he's also been credited for composing the soundtrack to the game, Destiny. Unfortunately Salvatori stepped down and focused on other projects.

Life is Strange - Spanish Sahara by Foals

Have you ever felt so emotionally broken after playing a game? Well Life is Strange is what it does to you after finishing it. "Spanish Sahara" by Foals went so well with the game, as we follow Chloe and Max travelling between dimensions and going back in time. The game has a lot of twists and turns giving you an emotional rollercoaster depending on the choices that you make and how you play the game. What turned out to be an emotional part of the game even became very heartbreaking for the players with the song played along when you choose the decision to sacrifice your best friend Chloe.

Ori and the Blind Forest - Ori, Lost in the Storm

The music in this game is amazing, their's a lot to choose from so just take your pick. "Ori, Lost in the Storm" is probably my favorite, a sad but powerful song that gives me chills everytime. The soundtrack sort of depicts the rise and downfall of Ori, It revolves around him losing his way in the forest and finding the way back to his home.

The music, scenery, art style, and visual effects goes along the game perfectly. The game is nominated and won multiple awards, a fantastic and an unforgettable debut for Moon Studios.

Child of Light

This game has got to be one of the most underrated games in the industry, One of Ubisoft's that have been overshadowed by its huge triple A titles. The Soundtrack in this game is probably my favorite out of all the ones on this list, composed by the Canadian singer-song writer Beatrice Martin better known as Cœur de pirate.

The music just brings a lot of energy, especially in the boss fights, it builds a lot of tension and intensity into it. Aside from the battle themes, the music is very soothing and gives a feeling of nostalgia, it's very easy to fall in love with the music in this game. The soundtrack is one of the reasons I played Child of Light. Much like Ori and the blind forest, This game boasts its vibrant and colorful atmosphere, with the animation Inspired by Studio Ghibli which is known for numerous anime feature films.


The entire game is a great audible experience, the voice acting, the soundtrack, everything! Darren Korb, who worked on the soundtrack for both Transistor and Bastion did an amazing job. With Ashley Berret's portrayal of Red that really makes the game's soundtrack stand out. Each composition touches the game's themes, along with its jazzy tunes and cyber-noir atmosphere, an important part of the game's immersion and beauty.

Mass Effect 3

If their's one soundtrack that accurately captures Mass Effect, then it's "An End, Once and for All" from Mass Effect 3. It captures the feeling of nostalgia, that feeling of exploration that keeps us coming back. My thought would be is the song is supposed to give you that bittersweet feeling because not all paths you take leads to happy endings no matter what you choose. It did a really good job of summing up the series, especially with the extended cut.

Bastion - Build That Wall

Bastion's soundtrack is incredible. A personal favorite of mine is Zia's Theme(Built a Wall), there's a lot of foreshadowing within the song, despite how peaceful and mellow the music sounds, the meaning is quite menacing once you figure out the whole story. The song represents a threat from Ura, a race of people against the Caelondians. While the Caelondians built a wall to protect their lands, the Ura build tunnels underground and threatened the Caels that they would tear down their walls and charge in. The game gives you small hints or backstory but you later connect them once in a while. The story is subtly revealed throughout playing it. This game is definitely worth your while.


We all saw this coming, It's brilliant, the soundtrack is a gem, something that feels modern and old school at the same time. I'm always in the mood to listen to the soundtrack over and over again because it's amazing. Everything about the music works and has the right tone, It didn't need great graphics and complex orchestral arrangements in order to be good. Undertale's soundtrack will be considered if not, one of the most memorable, one that will stand the test of time.

Do you agree with the list? Write your favorite soundtracks in the comments section below!


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