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The New Heart of the Swarm Terran Units

Updated on December 6, 2012
The new Hellbats in action!
The new Hellbats in action! | Source
Hellbats Huddlin'
Hellbats Huddlin' | Source

HOTS - Hellbat (Battle Hellions)

Battle hellion mode is a new ability (research not required) that the hellion now has to help Terran mech builds against masses of biological units. The hellion can now transform to and fro into the hellbat which has a stronger attack and more health. It also has a wider arc of damage. In order to get these benefits however, the hellbat must sacrifice the speed and attack range that the hellion provided. Therefore, the Hellbat is perfect for dealing strong AoE (area of effect) damage to small and clumped units.

Hell Bat Stats

Time to transform from a Hellion: 4 seconds
Cool down (to transform): 1.9 seconds
Life: 135

Armour: 0
Movement speed: 2.25
Energy: N/A

(AoE) Splash Radius: 110
Damage vs ground: 10 (+4 vs light)
Damage vs air: N/A
Weapon speed: 1.9
Weapon range: 2

Build time: 40
Cost: 100 minerals
Built at the: Factory (tech lab not required)

A burrowed widow mine about to take out a stalker in one hit.
A burrowed widow mine about to take out a stalker in one hit. | Source


Unstable Payload
An auto-casted spell (which can be turned off) that produces a missile every 40 game seconds, dealing 160 initial damage and 40 splash damage. This is the widow mine's only attack.

Can target cloaked and hallucinated units.

Widow Mine

A cheap unit that burrows underground and produces missiles (via the autocast ability: unstable payload)that deal high damage to a nearby unit and splash damage to any around it (including your own).

Note: missiles will auto-attack cloaked and hallucinated units.
Life: 90

Armour: ?
Movement speed: 2.81
Acceleration: ?
Energy: N/A

(Missile) Damage vs ground: 160 (+ 40 splash dmg)
(Missile) Damage vs air: 160 (+ 40 splash dmg)
Attack speed: autocast missile with a cooldown of: 40
Weapon range: autocast missile with a range of: 5

Build time: 40
Cost: 75 minerals, 75 gas
Built at the: Factory (tech lab not required)
Supply: 1

Uses of Each Unit: Hellbat (Battle Hellion)

Because of their clear use of countering biological units, relatively fast production capacity (with reactors) and very cheap price (100 minerals!), battle hellions have found themselves a comfortable place in countering massed small biological units like zealots and zerglings. Against Protoss they allow a very difficult to counter army when coupled with thors and tanks since immortals are not cost effective against this relatively cheap unit. Therefore, when you see hellbats on the field, you can safely suspect at least tanks and maybe thors to come after.

The hellions do splash damage against a group of immortals' shields (which take 10 hits from any attack) and leave the Tank and Thors to clean them up. In addition, mass chargelots cannot coutner the tanks and thors since the battle hellions make a strong wall in front of them. Lastly, Archons cannot inflict their extra damage since battle hellions are not biological.

Uses of Each Unit: Widow Mine

Widow mines being cheap and powerful but immobile make them excellent defenders of both armies (when focussing on tech) and mineral lines (prevents oracle, phoenix and mutalisk harass).

Many Terran players are currently finding it very effective to make an early push with several widow mines and marines, burrowing the mines around the opponent's base to make waves of free missiles. They are commonly placed at ramps to prevent units from leaving and getting free kills or in the mineral line in order to destroy harvesters for free. This tactic makes use of the fact that players do not have detection until later in the game.

Important Game Mechanics:

  • The widow mine does precisely enough initial damage (160) to kill a stalker. This makes widow mines very economical early on in the game when gateway units are popular. Since stalkers cost 125 minerals and 50 gas, it takes killing just one stalker to make up the 75 minerals and 25 gas needed to build a widow mine.
  • One missile will kill a zealot (100 minerals) and 3 missiles from 3 well placed widow mines with their splash damage hits (120 splash damage in total) will kill a large group of zealots instantly.
  • Zergling have only 35 hit points meaning just one missile from a widow mine will kill a large group of zerglings.
  • Two missiles will kill a large group of hydralisks by splash damage which have only 80 hit points.

War Hound - Gone

The war hound was removed early in the beta because it was at its core unbalanced when used against Protoss. Its main ability auto casts against mechanical units (most of Protoss units) dealing extra damage, this meant that Terrans could just mass war hounds and the new hellions with battle mode, and crush any Protoss ground army.

Opinion Please.

Which is your favourite new Terran unit?

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Most Recent Terran Update!

  • Armory - The Armory now only has one weapon and one armor upgrade for both air and ground upgrades for both Factory and Starport units. <-- !!! Important
  • Hellbat - Splash damage radius increased from 90 to 110.


  • 250mm Strike Cannons has been removed.
  • The Thor can now switch between two modes: High-Impact Payload and Explosive Payload. The mode shift takes 4 seconds.
  • High-Impact Payload mode, the Thor switches to a different anti-air gun (250mm Punisher Cannons) that has 10 range and deals 24 flat damage.
  • Thor radius, inner radius, and separation radius increased from 0.8215 to 1.

Seeker Missile Change

  • Increased to 10 range.
  • Missile comes out and stays immobile in front of the Raven for 3 seconds while charging up, then rapidly moves (it’s not dodgeable at this point) and explodes at the target for 300 single target damage.
  • Targeted unit lights up red when targeted. If the unit moves 13 range out of where the Seeker Missile is, the Missile fails.

What do you think?

Do you agree with this update?

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