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The New Pokedex of Pokémon X and Y

Updated on December 9, 2013
The First Pokedex
The First Pokedex | Source

In The Beginning

Pokémon is a game series about finding cute or awesome creatures in the wild and using them to battle against the other creatures that players come across as they travel through the game. Each of the various games starts in about the same way. A friendly professor gives you a Pokémon to start your journey. Then at some point in the game, the player is also given a clever device known as a Pokedex.

The History of the Pokedex

In the past games, the Pokedex was a list of the obtainable Pokémon in the current game's region along with some information on each of the Pokémon.

In the first region, Kanto, this was simply a list of the 151 Pokémon available. Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow used this Pokedex.

In the next generation of games, the Pokedex was a mix of both old and new Pokémon. Once the player defeats the eight gyms and the Elite Four, they were given the National Pokedex to be able to capture all 251 Pokémon. The next few installments in the game series used a similar format to this one. At first there's a limited amount of obtainable Pokémon, but then there's suddenly a seemingly endless number of them!

The Kalos Region Pokdex
The Kalos Region Pokdex | Source

Then Came X and Y

The two newest Pokémon games are spectacular for many reasons. The Pokedex is one of these reasons. As described, the past versions of the Pokedex gave a number like a hundred or a hundred fifty Pokémon to catch at first. This Pokedex does that as well, but increases that number over and over again. A ton of Pokémon are readily available for the player to obtain, train, and battle with before ever reaching the end of the game.

Same Old Pokedex

Rather early in the game, the player will be given a Pokedex. Upon checking it, a player may see the same sort of format they're used to seeing the Pokedex have, and close out of it thinking that they are only going to be able to discover a small amount of Pokémon in this game. A player may then get even more disappointed when they start finding and catching all of the available Pokémon very quickly. A player can catch so many Pokémon early in the game that they may think there are not going to be many Pokémon to get later in the game. Don't be disappointed though, as this is simply the Central Kalos Pokedex.

Oh, This Pokedex is Pretty Cool

Not too far into the game, the Pokedex is expanded. Yes, expanded! A new section is added to the Pokedex called the Coastal Kalos Pokedex. The size of the Pokedex is doubled and the player can quickly begin filling it as well. The next section of the game will be mostly full of Pokémon that will fill this section of the Pokedex. The Pokedex already has three hundred Pokémon available to the player, but what if I told you there were more?

Best Pokedex Ever!

Even further into the game, the Pokedex is expanded again. This section is called the Mountain Kalos Pokedex. This expansion to the Pokedex will cover the rest of the area in the Kalos region. There are now a glorious number of about four hundred and fifty Pokémon available in the game! Never before have there been this many Pokémon available to the player before defeating the Elite Four and receiving the National Pokedex!

But Wait, There's More!

The older Pokémon games have had it and this game is no exception. The National Pokedex makes it's triumphant return to Pokémon X and Y and with it comes the availability to capture and train all seven hundred and eighteen Pokémon that have ever existed! Obtaining Pokémon for the National Pokedex is a bit more complicated than it was in prior games, but it can still be fun to try to collect them all.

Not Just a List

Up until now, I've described the Pokedex as a list, but it's so much more! Simply hovering over a Pokémon will show its number, name, type, height, weight, and whether the player has caught it or not. Simply seeing the Pokémon will cause it to appear in the Pokedex. Catching it will add a small emblem to let the player know they have obtained one of that Pokémon. This can be quite useful later in the game when a player may have caught quite a few Pokémon and isn't sure which they have left to catch.

Each Pokémon in the Pokedex can then be individually selected to see even more things about each of them.

The first thing shown is a map of the Kalos region with either an area flashing red or the words "area unknown." This page shows where each Pokémon can be captured or if it can be captured at all. Some of the Pokémon that have maps that say "area unknown" are still obtainable in the game, but the Pokedex doesn't list how to obtain them. This happens for Pokémon like Garbodor or Banette who can be found in the trash cans at the Pokémon Village, but are not shown to be available in the Pokémon Village.

The next page shows the Pokémon sprite. If the A button or the button at the bottom of the touchscreen is pressed, the sound the Pokémon makes when it enters battle is played. This page can also be used to see the difference between the sprites. It usually only shows a list of the male and female sprites. This feature is for a player to see the differences there are between some of the sprites. For some Pokémon, like Vivillion, the multitude of its forms are shown in the list. This can be very useful especially with Vivillion having over ten forms.

The final page is used to compare Pokémon to each other based on weight. While it's only used to weigh Pokémon, it can be useful to determine the damage of some moves like Low Kick which is determined by a Pokemon's weight.

The Original Pokemon Logo
The Original Pokemon Logo | Source

Get Out There and Start Filling the Pokedex

With over seven hundred Pokémon to obtain and over half of those available in the game, Pokémon X and Y have hours of entertainment for anyone who wants to finish the Pokedex. I have more than a hundred hours spent playing the game and I've seen 450 Pokémon and caught almost all of the Pokémon available in the base game. The rest are obtained through the Friend Safari, but I'll explain that another time.

There's also been information leaked of future Pokémon that are speculated to be released as event Pokémon which is not a new feature to the series. Event Pokémon are only available for a limited time so a player can never truly finish their Pokedex without them! So get out there, have fun, and remember: "Gotta Catch 'em All!"

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