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The New Xbox 720

Updated on March 9, 2012

The new Xbox 720

The rumors of the new Xbox 720 have finally stopped being rumors! Microsoft has finally confirmed the Xbox 720 is going to be released and is actually being worked on currently. The Xbox community had spread some wild gossip surrounding the Xbox 720 (the name itself is gossip as the next Xbox has been dubbed the 720 by the public, but not officially). It is an incredibly exciting announcement and fans everywhere are hoping that this new release will top every gaming system currently available. As cinematic and gaming technologies progress at super fast rates, the Xbox 720 should present an unparalleled experience for anyone who currently enjoys the Xbox 360.

The new Xbox 720 release date?

Reportedly, the Xbox 720 will launch in E3, June 2013 with visual pre-releases happening at the end of 2012. Microsoft reported that the next generation Xbox had the company looking for new specialists to create something truly special. Several Microsoft officials have already hinted that they have a hand in creating the Xbox 720 and will be performing in an elite team to make sure the gamer gets everything they could possibly want and more.

What will the Xbox 720 be like?

There are further rumors that what the public have named the Xbox 720 might actually be called the Xbox Loop. The reasons for this are unknown and unconfirmed but either way the future creation is expected to be much smaller than the current console. Further to this, the graphics and processor are going to trump the old Xbox, as modern PCs already do, and they are supposed to trump modern PCs! My bet is that it will contain a Fusion chip 'DX11-capable Krishna APU' which will certainly be spectacular, but at the rate which technology is moving forward, the Xbox 720 could be far more advanced than we realize even now! It could even offer 3D graphics with Avatar like experiences, or a headset which takes you within the gaming world with a 360 degree view. Either way, it looks to enhance the visual benefits of the current Xbox.

The Xbox 720 controller is reportedly going to stay the same. It will be smoother, more flashy and without a doubt slightly better in several ways but ultimately the 'gesture-controller' is still going to be how you control the characters within the game.

Possible features of the new Xbox 720

What else will the new Xbox 720 be able to do?

It is possible that Microsoft, in collaboration with Windows will have Windows 8 configured into the Xbox 720 making it a computer in itself as well as a games console. What will be available and the similarities between a PC and the Xbox 720 is anybodies guess, but if they do, then I am sure it will become a very popular "work" computer to have in the office! It will also (hopefully) have an upgraded battery charging method for which there are several possibilities but none of which have been confirmed.

What will be the Xbox 720 price?

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcements on this, but it is within Microsoft's own interest to not make it too high so you can expect equivalent (taking into account inflation) prices to what the Xbox 360 was when it first came out.

For now, we all need to sit back and await with eager anticipation the Xbox 720 and hope that it can take gaming to a new level that blows all our minds.

As always, please feel free to leave comments, updates or opinions!

What might the new Xbox 720 look like?


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    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      This is the most brolicest and outrageous gaming mouse that can appropriately go hand in hand wit this xbox 720. It litterally looks like a bionic monster like this xbox. i just hope they have mouse compatibility.

    • chuckbl profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks for your comments David and againsttheodds, it has indeed been a long time and unfortunately we seem to have a bit longer to wait - but hopefully once it gets here, it will have been worth it!

    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 6 years ago

      Going to Best Buy tomorrow to start waiting in line!

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Can't wait for the new xbox! Normally new consoles come out every 5-6 years. It has already been 6 years since Xbox 360 came out and 5 years for the other consoles.

    • chuckbl profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago from Scotland

      Thank you Derdriu. Let's hope it is everything the rumors hint that it might be!

    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      Chuckbl, What a clear, informative, useful summary of the long-awaited Xbox 720! This is a fine piece of journalism, what with the steady progression through rumor, possibility and fact.

      Thank you for sharing, voted up + all,