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The New Yorker cover jigsaw puzzles!

Updated on March 23, 2016
New Yorker cover for April 16, 1927
New Yorker cover for April 16, 1927


The first issue of the New Yorker magazine appeared on February 21 1925, which was over 86 years ago. The current magazine has a circulation of just over one million copies with a frequency of 47 times per year. It is interesting to note that the covers are not always related to the contents of the magazine, although one must also say that they have always paid a lot of attention to the artwork in those covers.

JIgsaw puzzles

I like doing jigsaw puzzles very much and that is evident if one looks at the collection of hubs about the topic that I have already published in Hub Pages:

New Yorker for December 7, 1998
New Yorker for December 7, 1998

Magazine cover puzzles

It seems it is contagious to have jigsaw puzzles out of the magazine covers andI have already written a hub about them: National-Geographic-puzzles.

In addition to the hubs I also publish a blog called Jigsaw Puzzles Galore! A few days ago I came across a puzzle about the New Yorker, so I published it in my blog. What I did not realize at the time was that the puzzle I had published was only one from their new 85 year collection of magazine cover jigsaw puzzles!

The magazine is published 47 times a year, which is almost once a week, so that means there are 85 years x 47 issues, or 4,000 magazines in total by now. Every puzzle comes with three difficulty levels , so that is a total of nearly 12,000 puzzles from the time the magazine was first published.

New Yorker for September 14, 1992
New Yorker for September 14, 1992

Random magazine date

The date of the magazine one gets when one clicks on one of the puzzles' three levels of difficulty is just a matter of chance really. When I finished doing my first New Yorker jigsaw puzzle I wanted to have a copy of the magazine cover picture, but the problem was that the picture was crooked on the page. Later I discovered that once a year they publish all cover pictures organized by date of publication and I was glad to see that those are really set straight, which made them ideal for downloading. Once that is done, then one can work on the size, as I found the original a bit too large for my liking.

The other day I found a magazine dated April 7 and that happens to be the date of my son's birthday, but 24 years before his birth! It is a pity that one is not able to fill in on one's activities on any particular date, but my daily journal entries don't go that far unfortunately, as I have not been keeping my journal for that long!

If you are a subscriber to the New Yorker you can have access to every page of every issue online, as well as the complete archive collection.


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