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The Nintendo 3DS: 3D Games, Minus the Glasses...

Updated on June 2, 2014

Oh boy, the Nintendo 3DS has been a fiery whirl of fun since it came out.

Being able to play it without having to wear a pair of 3D glasses? Oh yes please! Thought you’d never ask. Where do I sign?

It’s 3D all the Way, Baby!

As well as obviously playing 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS, you can take pictures (with its two cameras) and watch videos in 3D on it too.

There’s also an adjustable 3D depth slider that lets you choose the amount of 3D you want to actually view. You can also switch the slider off altogether if you want.

Oh, you spoil us, Nintendo.

SpotPass. StreetPass. Everybody Pass Pass...

The SpotPass and StreetPass enrich your Nintendo 3DS experience, allowing you to gain access to exclusive content via Wi-Fi hotspots as well as pally-up with other 3DS users. Cool.

Nintendo 3DS Colors…

...launched in two colors: cosmo black and aqua blue. Perhaps other colors will join the family in the future.

The Nintendo 3DS also comes with...

- two screens (top and bottom one)

- six augmented-reality (AR) cards

- a stylus you can adjust

- software built in (incl. the Mii Maker which allows you to create avatars of yourself, Nintendo 3DS Sound, and Face Raiders which lets you shoot at funny pics of your face).

- a circle pad: gives you 360 degree direction, enhancing your level of freedom and accuracy when you’re playing a 3D game.

- a pedometer: yep, the Nintendo 3DS has an exercise element to it. When you put it in sleep mode, it becomes a cool pedometer and awards you with ‘play coins’ according to how many steps you’ve taken (which it monitors). The coins can then be swapped for added content in compatible games and apps.

How Much does the Nintendo 3DS Cost?

Prices can vary. For e.g., in the UK, prices are determined by each retailer. At the moment, Amazon UK is selling Nintendo 3DS for an amazing £129.99 (down from £159.99), a welcome bargain from the speculated average!

Official Nintendo 3DS Release Dates...

February 26th 2011 – Japan (lucky devils. A whole month before everyone else.)

March 25th 2011 – Europe

March 27th 2011 – North America

March 31st 2011 – Australia


Watch CNET's editor wax lyrical about the Nintendo 3DS...




3DS is a monster of a biggie, so hold on to your horses!



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  • Mizz Eb. profile image

    Mizz Eb. 5 years ago from UK

    ...thanks, Mario :)

  • Mizz Eb. profile image

    Mizz Eb. 5 years ago from UK

    Hope you bought one, mamoon :)

  • Mizz Eb. profile image

    Mizz Eb. 5 years ago from UK

    Axaflaxar, well with Valentine's Day coming up, maybe he'll get his wish :-)

  • Axaflaxar profile image

    Axaflaxar 5 years ago from Virginia

    My Girlfriends son has been dying for one of these

  • profile image

    mamoon sikander 6 years ago

    3ds is better then ds it is awesome and im going to get it it is better then psp and sp

  • profile image

    Mario Patrick 6 years ago

    great hub dude