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The Non-Rental Items of A Link Between Worlds

Updated on November 29, 2013


Given that this hub is going to list every single non-rental item in the game, it will be rife with spoilers. Read it at your own risk if you are still playing through!

The official logo of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
The official logo of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. | Source


A Link Between Worlds was released on November 22, 2013 and I feel that it is a worthy sequel to its predecessor, A Link to the Past. However, the many positive reviews that this game has received already should have tipped you off to the fact, so I won't gush about how awesome the game is. Instead, this hub is going to be about how you can get the various non-rental items spread throughout the two worlds of A Link Between Worlds.

So, without further ado, let us be off!


The first non-rental item of the game that you will receive is the Sword. You receive the Sword from the blacksmith, who tasks you with taking it to its rightful owner: The Captain of the Guard of Hyrule. However, since this is a Zelda game, you will be forced to use it for personal purposes rather quickly.

Upgrades: Master Sword, Master Sword Level 2, Master Sword Level 3

Picture of the Master Sword as seen in A Link Between Worlds. Upgrading the Master Sword changes the color of its blade to red (L2), then gold (L3).
Picture of the Master Sword as seen in A Link Between Worlds. Upgrading the Master Sword changes the color of its blade to red (L2), then gold (L3). | Source

Sword Upgrades

Master Sword: You will receive the Master Sword at the end of the first part of the game. It is mandatory to progress in the plot and is the reason you are clearing dungeons in Hyrule in the first place (for the pendants that will grant you the ability to wield the Master Sword).

To upgrade the Master Sword (it upgrades twice), you will need to find the four pieces of Master Ore scattered throughout Lorule. Click any part of this sentence for a helpful link that will list their exact locations.

The Hyrule blacksmith will upgrade the Master Sword to its second level with two pieces of Master Ore (called the Tempered Sword in A Link to the Past), and the Lorule blacksmith will upgrade it to its third level (the Golden Sword in A Link to the Past) with the other two pieces of Master Ore once he sees your Level 2 Master Sword.

Picture of the Lamp from A Link Between Worlds. Its casing becomes blue when upgraded.
Picture of the Lamp from A Link Between Worlds. Its casing becomes blue when upgraded. | Source


The first inventory item that you get also happens to be the first non-rental item as well. The Lamp is a convenient tool that allows you to light torches and also emits a minor radius of light as well. You can find the Lamp in the first room of the Sanctuary sewers.

Upgrades: Super Lamp

To get the Super Lamp, you will need to clear the Advanced Course of the Treacherous Tower atop Lorule's version of Death Mountain. The Super Lamp is identical to the regular Lamp save the fact that its flames can now damage enemies. For eight points of damage per wisp, as a matter of fact!

The Hylian Shield, as depicted on official concept art by Nintendo.
The Hylian Shield, as depicted on official concept art by Nintendo. | Source


As stalwart a companion as the Sword, Link never leaves home without a shield. Except in A Link Between Worlds (and some other games as well, I suppose). Unlike most other Zelda games, you have to buy your shield from an item shop. There's one in Kakariko Village and another near Lake Hylia (near the House of Gales). Thankfully, it only costs fifty Rupees to buy.

Upgrades: Hylian Shield
The Hylian Shield is located at Turtle Rock in Lorule. You will need to kill the four Wizzrobes (the ghosts that shoot magic projectiles) on the left side of B1 to make the Big Chest containing the shield upgrade appear. It has the advantage of being able to block beams and fire.

Note: For those of you who have played A Link to the Past, there is no Mirror Shield. Sorry about that!

Bug-Catching Net

The Bug-Catching Net, or Net for short, can also be used to catch fairies as well. You can acquire the Net from the Bee-obsessed man in a house near the center of Kakariko Village.

Upgrades: Super Net

To get the Super Net, you will need to clear the Advanced Course of the Treacherous Tower of Lorule's Death Mountain. Twice. Better get to it! Much like the Super Lamp, it gains the ability to damage enemies. Each swing of the Net deals damage equal to one swing of the Level 3 Master Sword.

Bee Badge

This is one of the more obscure items in the game. After you catch a regular bee with your Net, and then return to the Bee man in Kakariko Village, he will ask you to get him a Golden Bee. There are three ways to get one.

1. You may find one in the wild by cutting bushes, but I have personally never seen one in that way, so it's probably really rare.

2. You can buy one from the Item Shop to the west of Turtle Rock but it costs 9,999 Rupees. Instead, look at 3.

3. There is a man in a cave at the northern end of the Skull Woods who offers to sell you "something" for 888 Rupees. That something happens to be a Golden Bee.

So, what's the point of the Bee Badge? It makes bees friendly towards you, instead of attacking you when you reveal them. That doesn't seem like much of an advantage, but it does mean that you don't need to catch the Bees with a Net to get them to help you in battle. It's something.

Power Glove

At the start of the game, Link can lift pots and bushes. However, to lift rocks, you will need the Power Glove. You can get this particular item from Rosso, who will be waiting inside a ruined house near one of the entrances to the Lost Woods (and also fairly close to the entrance to Death Mountain as well).

Alternate point of reference for A Link to the Past players: It's where the woodcutters used to live.

Upgrades: Titan's Mitts

You can find the Titan's Mitts in the Desert Palace. They are required to clear that particular dungeon. However, to enter the Desert Palace, you will need to acquire the Sand Rod from Osfala first (if you don't fancy clearing dungeons until stumbling upon him, he's trapped at the Thieves' Hideout at Thief's Town (Lorule's version of Kakariko Village). The Titan's Mitts will allow you to lift boulders.

Zora's Flippers

The Zora's Flippers, or Flippers for short, allow Link to swim and dive in deep water. Prior attempts to cross deep water will drown you for half a heart of damage. You need to save the queen of the Zoras from her plight by buying the Smooth Gem from the Kakariko Village shopkeeper (the one sitting cross-legged near the weather vane) before she'll grant them to you. Zora's Domain is located underneath the waterfall in the northeastern quadrant of Hyrule.

The Zora's Flippers have no upgrade.

Pegasus Boots

Perhaps one of the neater items in any Zelda game, the Pegasus Boots allow you to dash. Upon dashing, you automatically ready your Sword, so you can charge into your enemies and skewer them with relative impunity. To get the Pegasus Boots, you will need to catch the Shady Man off-guard after completing the events of Zora's Domain. Just merge into the nearby wall and pop out directly behind him. Attempting any other method of catching him will just cause him to run off and you'll have to reset his position by leaving the screen.

The Pegasus Boots have no upgrade.

Blue Mail

Mail as in protective armor, not correspondence you receive to a mailbox (or your electronic inbox because Internet). :P

One of the cooler things that started in A Link to the Past was the concept of having different types of clothes. A Link Between Worlds, homage to the past as it is, has alternate clothes as well. Much like the SNES classic, Blue Mail is strictly superior to the Green Tunic as it halves all enemy damage taken from enemy attacks. You can get the Blue Mail from a Big Chest in the Swamp Palace in Lorule.

Upgrades: Red Mail

The Red Mail can be found on the fourth floor of Lorule Castle. To reach it, extinguish the two central torches and walk very carefully on top of one of the two small pieces of floor that appear only in darkness to reach the Big Chest containing the armor. It is twice as effective at preventing damage as the Blue Mail, or four times more effective than the Green Tunic.

Stamina Scroll

In A Link to the Past, you needed Magic Power to use magic spells and certain items. In A Link Between Worlds, you use Energy instead. Besides being purple instead of green, Energy slowly regenerates when you are not using an item. You can find the Stamina Scroll in a Big Chest in Lorule's Ice Palace.

The Stamina Scroll has no upgrade.


Most of the Zelda games have had Bottles that can hold various items such as potions, milk and insects. While A Link to the Past had four, A Link Between Worlds has five. Considering that one of them is obtained in a relatively obscure way, you would not be blamed for assuming that there were only four Bottles in the new game. In any case, Zelda Universe has a helpful list detailing how to get each Bottle.

Note: If you only have four bottles, you're probably missing the Bottle that you can acquire by throwing a total of 3,000 Rupees into the Fairy Fountain near the Bomb Flower owner's house in Lorule.

Pieces of Heart

There are a total of 28 Pieces of Heart in A Link Between Worlds, which will give you a total of seven additional Hearts to work with. If you get every single Heart Container and Piece of Heart, you will have a total of 20 Hearts by the end of the game.

Zelda Universe has a pretty good list for every single Piece of Heart in the game.

Other Collectibles

Maiamais: A cave near Lake Hylia houses a giant Maiamai called Mother Maiamai. She tasks you with finding her 100 babies, scattered around Hyrule and Lorule. Listing all of them would take quite a bit of space, and it can be quite fun to attempt to find them yourself (given the fact that the game counts how many you need from each region of Hyrule and Lorule, so you'll have a better idea of where to look for stragglers), but below I'll link to a video guide created by GameXplain that shows where to find all 100 of the little Maiamais.

For every ten Maimais that you bring back to Mother Maiamai, she will upgrade one of your items (she upgrades your rental items, but you can only upgrade items that you have already purchased permanently). If you bring her all 100 of the critters, you will get the Great Spin Attack.

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There you have it! If you're missing a few items in A Link Between Worlds or what-not, hopefully the provided references will allow you to find them. While this is not a particularly hard Zelda game, every single item counts. Besides, 100% completion is fun!

Thank you very much for reading!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)

- Winterfate


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