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The Old Republic Dark Side Comments

Updated on February 26, 2013

Imperial Agent

I'm playing through as a female Imp Agent. She's only 20 something at the moment, but I've gotten up to Nar Shadaa.

So far, I like the class story. The voice actress does a nice job too.

The class story comes off as suitably high stakes as well as realistic in the sense of variety of missions. It's not just about kill this and kill that.

Kaliyo's crazy. It's kind of funny traveling with her because you have to be sarcastic in conversations to get her to like them.

Classes Trailer

Click here to see a decent overview of all 8 The Old Republic Classes trailer.

Bounty Hunter

By far the easiest class to play, in my humble opinion. Very early on you get this power where you fly up a few meters and rain down missiles on enemies.

Mako's a nice companion and her voice isn't annoying, always a plus. I tend to ignore Gault and Torian though. Gault for some reason just tends to tick me off. I so wanted the option to kill the dude to deny him membership to my little bounty hunter party.

Sith Warrior

A fun storyline so far. I especially like the Alderaan quests where you get to learn a little about Jaesa Willsaam's past.

Vette's kind of funny. "If I die I'm going to haunt you!"

Malavi Quinn's got a voice that just might melt your heart if you're a girl. It's a lot of fun for a female toon to flirt with him because he gets so flustered.

I've made it all the way to Taris but I'm taking a break. I think I start losing interest at the breaks between chapter 1 and chapter 2. I've noticed that with a lot of my toons.

Sith Inquisitor

Of my dark siders, oddly enough, this is my only guy. I named him after a bad guy in one of my stories. I can't do a direct comparison between Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor because my two toons are way different levels (like 20 vs 40). However, it seems that the sith inquisitor has stronger powers.

It's also a lot more satisfying to fry something with lightning than to throw pebbles at 'em.

The storyline is all right, but the Dark Lord who's your master is kinda creepy. I don't like Khem Val very much. He's all about kill this and that and he thinks I'm strange because I'm a do-gooder.

Light Side v Dark Side

Maybe it's just the novelty of playing the dark side more recently, but I've got to say, overall I think I like the dark side better.

Bounty hunter vs smuggler - bounty hunter's got cooler toys.

Imp agent vs rep soldier - The area effects seem to favor soldier, but the imp storyline is more fun.

inquisitor vs consular - lightning rules, so I've got to go inquisitor on this one.

Sith Warrior vs Jedi Knight - I do like Kira Carsen, but so far Vette, Malavi, and Jaesa win for companions.

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