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The Paper Mario Series: Mario In A 2D World

Updated on February 10, 2015

The Paper Mario Series is part of the Mario Franchise. The characters in the games are in a form of 2D paper, while buildings and the environment around them is mainly 3D. There are four games in the Paper Mario Series, all released on different Nintendo Systems: Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door on the Nintendo Gamecube, Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii, and Paper Mario Sticker Star on the Nintendo 3DS.


Paper Mario

Paper Mario is a role-playing game for the Nintendo 64, and the first game in the Super Paper Mario Series. It was released February 5, 2001 in North America and re-released July 2007 for the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. It was originally supposed to be the sequel to Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars on the Super Nintendo.

The game begins with Mario and Luigi receiving an invitation to Princess Peach's party. The bros set off the Peach's Castle, where Mario decides to find Peach while Luigi mingles with some of the other party guests. Mario finds the Princess and decides to relax on the balcony with her, when suddenly an earthquake occurs. Peach's Castle is uprooted from the ground, showing that it was on top of Bowser's Castle and floats high into the sky, all the way up to space. Bowser then appears and commences battle with Mario, who is defeated due to Bowser's new found strength from the stolen Star Rod in his possession. Mario is sent falling out of the castle, back to the land below. He barely survives the fall, thanks to the Star Spirits reviving him with the little power they have. One of them goes to Mario as he is recovering and tells him to visit Shooting Star Summit, where him and the other Star Spirits will explain to him everything, including how to defeat Bowser. This is where Mario's adventure begins.

The game play is divided into two main screens. The main screen is where the story occurs, where Mario interacts with the world around him, etc. When Mario encounters an enemy in the main screen, he is transferred to the battle screen, where Mario fights the enemy or enemies in a turn-based system. Mario attacks first, then Mario's partner attacks, and finally, the opponent's attack.


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Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is the second game in the Paper Mario Series, and was released on the Nintendo Gamecube. Like the previous Paper Mario, the game focuses on a Paper theme. It also follows the same turn-based battle system.

The plot revolves around Mario receiving a letter from Princess Peach, who was vacationing in a faraway land when she obtained a treasure map, and sent it to Mario in the letter. She asks Mario to come to Rogueport, where she got the map, so they can both can go find the treasure together. Mario sets sail to Rogueport, where he rescues a young Goomba, named Goombella, who was being harassed by some group who called themselves X-Nauts. After Mario and Goombella escape, she soons joins Mario as his first partner. They locate Goombella's professor, Professor Frankly, who tells them that the map which Mario got from Princess Peach can show the location of the legendary Crystal Stars. Whoever collects the seven Crystal Stars can open The Thousand Year Door, where a great treasure is set to reside. Mario, assuming that Peach has gone off to find the Crystal Stars herself, decides to find the Crystal Stars as well. Little does he know that Princess Peach has been kidnapped and being held hostage by the X-Nauts, who are looking for the Crystal Stars as well. Thus, Mario's new adventure begins.

New features were added to Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. At certain points in the game, Mario gets "cursed" by a strange creature. These curses give Mario new powers, which is needed to complete the part of the game he is currently in. The powers are based on paper, such as the ability to be folded into a boat or a paper airplane when stepping on certain panels on the floor. Some of the abilities can be used anywhere, such as being able to turn paper thin to go through cracks. These new powers are essential for Mario if he wishes to find all the Crystal Stars and save Princess Peach.


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Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is the third Paper Mario game and was released on the Nintendo Wii. Unlike the previous Paper Mario games, the game doesn't have a turn-based battle system. Instead, the game is designed as a platform RPG, where Mario fights enemies on the main screen, similar to the original Super Mario Bros games. The game's most newest features is Mario's ability to "flip" into 3D mode to find hidden objects, enemies, and ways to continue through the level.

Super Paper Mario begins with Mario and Luigi relaxing at their house. Luigi is talking about how quiet and boring it has been around, and how he wishes that something big would happen. They decide to visit Princess Peach to pass time. When they leave the house, a panicking Toad appears and tells them that Princess Peach has been kidnapped. The Mario Bros automatically suspect Bowser and go off the Bowser's Keep to confront him and save the princess. Once arriving, they realize the Bowser didn't kidnapped Peach, and the true culprit reveals himself. He calls himself Count Bleck, and tells Mario that Princess Peach is essential to his plans. Mario trys to attack Count Bleck, but his attack his ineffective as the Count has some sort of shield around him. Count Bleck then uses some dark attack, knocking Mario out instantly. Bowser orders Count Bleck to release Peach, however Count Bleck says no and decides to take Bowser, his minions, and Luigi (by accident). Mario is left alone, in the now quiet Bowser's Keep.

Mario is soon awaken by a butterfly like creature. The creature says her name is Tippi, and she is a Pixl. She teleports herself and Mario to an unknown town, where a man called Marlon is nearby. He tells Tippi that she has outdone herself finding Mario, and explains to Mario that he is in the town know as Flipside, which is in between dimensions. He explains to Mario that Count Bleck has taken Princess Peach and Bowser to obtain the Chaos Heart, which will create the Void in the sky. The Void will eventually destroy all worlds, as stated in a book known as the Dark Prognosticus, which Count Bleck has manage to get. The Tribe Of Ancients from 1500 years ago knew of the Dark Prognosticus created the Light Prognosticus to counter it. In the Light Prognosticus, a hero is chosen to gather the eight Pure Hearts, which form the Purity Heart to destroy the Chaos Heart, and save all worlds.


Paper Mario On Amazon

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Most Recent Paper Mario game, and the first Paper Mario game released on a handheld system.


Paper Mario Sticker Star

Paper Mario Stick Star is the fourth and most current game in the Paper Mario Series. It was released on the Nintendo 3DS, and is the first portable Paper Mario game.

The game begins with the Annual Stick Fest, a party focusing on Stickers and the one night where the Sticker Comet falls from the sky. It is said that wishing on the Sicker Comet will make that wish come true. During the festivity, Bowser comes, wanting to take the Sticker Comet's power all to himself. When Bowser tries to grab the Sticker Comet, he accidentally shatters it, letting the shards of it spread across the land. The Crown Sticker from the comet lands on Bowser's head, making him extremely powerful. Bowser then kidnaps Princess Peach and runs off with her. Mario meets the Royal Sticker caretaker Kersti, and together they run off to find the Royal Stickers, defeat Bowser, and rescue Princess Peach.

The game mainly focuses on the collection of stickers which can either be found scattered across the land, bought in shops, or can even be created. Stickers can be used in battle or on the field to unlock new places or interact with the environment. Paper Mario Sticker Star returns to the turn-based battle system. However, in order for Mario to attack an opponent, he will need stickers. If he wishes to jump on the enemy, he must have a Jump Sticker. Or, if he wishes to heal himself, he will need a Mushroom Sticker. Mario can have only have a certain amount of Stickers in his possession at any time, and some stickers take up more space, like the Bat Sticker. Usually, larger Stickers are more powerful, though. Every sticker is a one time use, and certain stickers are needed to defeat bosses as well. Stickers can also be used in the main screen when in Paperization Mode, where using the right stickers activate events.


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      Sarah Brown 4 years ago from Ohio, United States

      I liked your coverage, but I would have liked more pictures, you know? Your article was like a big wall of text.

      You seem to know your stuff when it comes to these games.