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Skyforge -The Perfect Valentine's Day Video Game

Updated on February 13, 2018
Skyforge Video Game Character
Skyforge Video Game Character

Skyforge Video Game

The Skyforge video game was developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and published by Since its full release after beta testing, the Skyforge video game has amassed wide popularity among gamers who like to play massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

Skyforge was developed in 2010 and released for play on the PC to selected players on March 28, 2015. The game became available for play on Sony's PlayStation 4 on April 11, 2017 and Microsof's Xbox One on November 29, 2017. So far, there are no talks of Nintendo picking this game up; however, given its popularity, I would not be surprised if Skyforge became playable on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Play Skyforge on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, you may like to play a video game with your significant other that does not have violence, blood and gore. Even though some gamers may enjoy playing these type video games, Valentine's Day is a good time to give these type video games a break. When you play Skyforge, you will not find a great deal of shoot-em-up type scenes. Instead you will find a game that can be either slow-moving or fast, depending on the gameplay options you select. Also, if you are adverse to seeing bloody scenes and the like, you will not find those in Skyforge.

Skyforge's Music Soundtrack

If you are not in the mood to play the video game Skyforge, why not just listen to the romantic soundtrack. As you listen to the music of Skyforge, you may cuddle up to your significant other and just enjoy being together on Valentine's Day or any other special day. The music has a soothing effect that will not only lull you into a romantic mood, but will keep you there as well.

Scenery in Skyforge

If you are not in the mood to listen to the soundtrack or to actually play the video game on Valentine's Day, why not enjoy watching the cinematic scenes in Skyforge. The video game starts off by showing a picture with a woman speaking softly, explaining the events that have happened in the storyline for the game. This is the prelude to the Skyforge video game, but nonetheless, I suggest you sit together on Valentine's Day and watch the cinematic scenes in Skyforge.

The Tutorial of Skyforge Video Game

As with most video games, Skyforge has a tutorial that you can complete at your leisure. During the tutorial, you will be taught the different weapons your character has as well as how to use them. Because the tutorial is based on a one-to-one interaction with you and the game, unfortunately your significant other cannot participate with you in this part of the video game. However, after you have both completed the tutorial and are ready to play the game, you can meet each other in the open world and can choose to be on the same team or even to be adversaries.

You can customize your video game character in Skyforge.
You can customize your video game character in Skyforge.

Customizing Your Character

When you customize your character, you are given many choices including hair styles, facees, etc. However, you will not get the more detailed customization of facial features that are available in some other video games. This does not take away from the fun you will have creating your video game characters as well as dressing him or her as you like.

Be aware that if you want to go all out, there is downloadable code or DLC that you can purchase to give your character special clothing or other accessories.

Disclaimer: I am describing Skyforge video gameplay based on my experience. Your experience may differ.

How to Play Skyforge

Once you have completed the tutorial, playing the video game is rather simple. You will be given missions as well as locations to conduct your conquests before the game begins. The interesting part of Skyforge and the feature that will keep your interest are the various missions you can select throughout the video game. When playing Skyforge, there are a variety of locations you can choose to play the game in the open world. Once you start at one location and leave the game, you do not have to start back at the same location as before. You may pick a different location if you like. The video game saves your progress in each location as you play the game.

Some couples may like to play competitive video games. On the other hand, some may prefer to play video games where they can be partners instead. Skyforge gives you the opportunity to do either. In fact, in the game, you do not have to battle against each other at all. When exploring the Skyforge video game environment, you both can choose to bypass fighting enemies. You simply ignore the enemies that approach and continue your journey on either one of the transport animals offered in the game or you may walk instead.

Trophys in SkyForge

Skyforge has its share of trophies you can win. In fact, when you first start playing the video game, you are rewarded by signing on to the game each day. You may feel a sense of accomplishment each day as you receive this award. For the first few days when I was playing the Skyforge video game, I was excited to get the trophy just for signing in. However, as I played the video game more often, I became focused on winning the different missions and accomplishing the quests so I could move forward with the game. You may feel the same.

Battles in Skyforge

There's a saying, " All is fair in love and war." You may think of this saying as you play the game with your significant other on Valentine's Day or any other special day. During the battle scenes, many times you are fighting against figures that are not human. For example, there are scenes in Skyforge where you fight flowers that are creatively illustrated to look like enemies. Beware: Their looks can be deceiving. Those beautiful petals can suddenly turn and lash out at you. It's up to you to fight back and defend yourself.

Suppose you lose a battle. No problem. The screen will show that you have died, but you are quickly resurrected so you can continue on your missions. Also during battles, there are energy lights that you can walk into to keep your energy level up while fighting the enemies.

Weapons Used in Skyforge

There are various type weapons used in Skyforge. My character used a device that looked like a large ornament that appears in front of her as a weapon. You simply push the proper button on your video game controller, and the ornament becomes a weapon of destruction. This weapon is powerful and can be used to destroy the enemies. However, sometimes during the gameplay, weapons are not quite powerful enough so you have to use a combination of moves to destroy the enemies.

Mulitplayer Mode in Skyforge

Skyforge has a muliplayer option where you can play against other players. The multiplayer mode is activated when someone invites you to join their team or you may invite someone to join yours as well. Even if you prefer not to play the multiplayer mode during the Skyforge gameplay, you will see other characters in the environment, either fighting alongside you or from afar. As with most MMORGs, the avatars' names are shown above their head so you know another gamer is playing the game in the same area as you.

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Open World of Skyforge

You may have played video games where you reach one part of the so-called open world and your character seems to be blocked -- unable to move any further. You will not find this limitation in Skyforge. For example, if you see mountains in the far distance, you can either walk or ride there depending on your choice of transportation. You can move around in the open world or you can concentrate on completing missions. Of course, as I alluded to earlier, if you are with your significant other or even alone, you may want to just explore the open world.

Voice Acting in Skyforge

A major part of video games, including the graphics, the soundtrack and the characters is the voice acting. For the most part, the characters in the video game Skyforge do not speak. Instead you will see narrative that either explains what is going on in the scene or your choices of missions. However, there is a robotic companion that looks like a flying saucer that hovers around my character as I performed missions or just travelled around the open world. Periodically the robot companion will let me know if I accomplished, or failed a mission or any other actions that may be going on.

You will battle different type creatures in Skyforge.
You will battle different type creatures in Skyforge.

Graphics in Skyforge

Of all the features in the video game Skyforge, I think I was most impressed with the graphics. The background music was fine, the voice acting was adequate, but it was the scenery that caught my interest. I think the developers did a good job of illustrating just the right environment for each of the location spots in the Skyforge video game. It looks like there was no expense lost on creating an environment that a gamer would not mind being immersed in while playing Skyforge.

Checkpoint Locations in Skyforge

If I have one complaint about the SkyForge video game, it is the sense of repetition when your character that you are playing is destroyed and respawned. Many times you have to travel back through the same locations regardless of how many times you have been there before. Therefore, when you play this game, you should be patient in knowing that if you are not victorious in a particular fight, the fight will not begin at the battle scene where you were destroyed and respawned. An improvement would be if the Skyforge videogame resumed at the battle location.

Cost of SkyForge Video Game

Since the Skyforge video game is popular and has many features, you may think it sells for a lot of money. Fortunately, Skyforge is a free-to-play video game. However, if you want to upgrade your character to wear different outfits, or to have advanced weapons etc., you can buy DLC. If you enjoy playing MMORGs and plan to be with your significant other on Valentine's Day, Skyforge is the video game to play -- at no cost to you.


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