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The Player's Pure X Jump Break Cue

Updated on August 30, 2016

The Players Pure X Jump Break Stick

is part of a new line of pool cues from the Players company. A line of cues that has quality that far exceeds the old standard from the company. For years, Players has been one of the budget brands of cues, not garnering much respect from billiards enthusiast. Their wares were mass produced with lackluster technology, creating a fair but not great pool cue. You could most often find a new one around the hundred dollar mark, and they were and still are a dime a dozen for used ones from that period. They were better than a stick you'd buy from Walmart, but not nearly the quality of the higher end cues.

Things have changed a great deal with the Pure X series. The entire line boasts low deflection shafts and ferrules along with a host of other features. Even though the shooting cues are exceptional, the jump break stick in the line is the real standout from the pack. The Players Pure X HXT-P2 is truly a marvel to behold. You'll have to try one to fully believe just how good they are. There are no amount of words I can use to really do it justice, but I'm going to do my best.

The features of this Jump Break cue

are numbered and valuable. The first one that I'll mention is the grip. For ages, pool cue butts have come in one of 3 ways. You could get an Irish linen wrap, a leather wrap, or no wrap at all. Unless you are Earl Strickland, who has taken to wrapping tennis racket tape around the butt of his cue. That seemed weird to me, that is, until I tried the Players Pure X jump break.

The Pure X jump break has a soft rubber grip on the end of the butt and it the most comfortable cue I've ever held in my swing arm. The amount of pressure that has to be applied compared to the amount of traction you get on gripping the cue is out of this world. Not only does it provide assistance for holding onto the cue, it also seems to dampen the vibration in your hand when you strike the cue ball on the break. The result? An extremely solid impact with little to no reverberation, along with great control over the cue ball.

Demo of The Pure X Jump Break

There are many other benefits

to owning a Players Pure X Jump Cue as well. It's 3 piece butt is about as versatile as a jump break stick can get. You can set it up 4 different ways for different situations, which can be very useful on any given day. There's even a short break stick configuration to use in tournaments where jump sticks that break down aren't allowed.

Another great benefit of owning this cue is how good of impact you get from the carbon fiber that Players uses in the joint combined with the XLG Quad Faced tip. The two come together to create an extremely pure impact that doesn't shoot the ball out to the side on a mishit. It's one of the few jump break cues that I have ever seen that has that quality. Most times, if you strike the ball poorly with a break stick, there's a noticeable click and a bad break. With the HXT-P2, you can hit off center and still come out with a good break. I'd compare it to hitting an oversized driver at the driving range versus one of the old school tiny headed fairway woods. There's a ton more margin for error with those new drivers. Anyone who has ever tried both can attest to that fact.

The last, and maybe the best feature of all of the Players HXT-P2 Jump Break cue is that it has a lifetime warranty against now wearable parts. The company website says that includes warping. Thus, if you ever have any trouble from the cue that you didn't cause yourself, you'll get a replacement, free. What more could you ask for from a Jump Break stick?

The Players Pure X Jump Break

is one of the best Jump Break cue I have ever used. I recently purchased one and wasn't quite sure what to expect. After a few days of using it, I decided that I needed to share the good news with all of you. This cue is the real deal. It's a must have for any player who wants to perform their best without spending way up on the Mezz Dual Force or and of Predator's Jump and Break cues. You can easily spend 500-700 owning one of those, or pick yourself up a Players Pure X Jump Break. Even brand new at full retail, these cues sell for $234.99. You can pick one up on Ebay for even less than that. If you decide to get one, you can thank me later. You'll be glad that you did.


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