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The Playstation 4 Games that We Are the Most Excited For

Updated on July 7, 2016


It's no secret that my girlfriend and I are HUGE PS4 Nerds! The Playstation 4 is getting many much needed new games on it within the coming months, And these are the ones that make us salivate with anticipation!

Number One: No Mans Sky

Endless Adventure

This game makes number one because it is so innovative, fresh and beautiful. Build a spaceship, discover unlimited new planets and species of aliens and technology, craft, explore, the possibilities are endless! This will surely be a gem. I can't wait to explore the universe with my girlfriend and our friends in this gorgeous game. The hype is so crazy that the developer even received countless death threats for delaying the games release date!

"I've Seen Things"

Number Two: Final Fantasy XV


This one makes our list because Amanda- my girlfriend- is a huge Final Fantasy Fan. Personally I've never gotten into it. But I had to put it on the list (this girl has a Zanarkand Abe tattoo on her arm. I'm not kidding.) Although I definitely have respect for anyone who has played all of these games, and for the publisher for having so much success with it. This series has a huge fan base, a ton of hype surrounding it, and it's beautiful, it so that's reason enough for me to try it out.

Number Three: Horizon Zero Dawn

Bows And Mechanical Dinos

A bad-ass looking female protagonist in a futuristic setting battling insane mechanical dinosaurs armed with futuristic yet old-school weaponry (bow and arrow, spear, etc.) Horizon Zero Dawn looks fantastic (although whoever pitched the idea for this game may have been a mad man.) The game looks full of excitement and we are so ready to hear more and get our hands on it.

Number Four: Mass Effect Andromeda


The Mass Effect universe has intrigued my girlfriend and I since it first came out. The different aliens, beauty of the ships, wonderful planet designs and a story that will pull you in blows us away. Shepherd will be missed- but We love this series- and we can't wait for this game.

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Thank You!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this list! If wemissed something you think should be on here, or if you disagree, please let us know in the comments below. Don't believe the hype? What games are you most excited for? Let us know!


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