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The Priest of Sheogorath: Elder Scrolls Skyrim Build

Updated on January 3, 2018
katleigh profile image

Katleigh has recently become interested in the awesome world of Elder Scrolls and loves coming up with new, interesting builds.

Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness.
Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. | Source

As a devoted follower of the Madgod, our Daedric Prince Sheogorath, your job is to spread His gift of madness to the world. You must do this by any means necessary, but remember that your mission is not to cause harm - only havoc.

Basic Stats

Race: Khajiit or Bosmer

Anyone can be a follower of Sheogorath, but the Khajiit and the Bosmer have a very strong connection with their culture. He is known as the Skooma Cat in Elsywher to the Khajiit and is a welcome trickster god to the Bosmer.

Stat Allocation: 60% Magicka/ 30 % Health/ 10% Stamina

Magicka is going to be very important to you and will be vital to many of your primary skills. Since you won't have much in the way of armor, having extra health is important and keeps you spreading His message longer. You'll also need additional stamina for when you need to run away, as well as extra room for your cheese.

Primary Skills

Illusion: There is nothing more maddening than realizing your own reality is an illusion. Therefore, as a priest of the Madgod, it is your responsibility to become a master of Illusion magic. Fury can create otherwise peaceful people to lash out against their friends and family, which keeps your hands clean, while calm can confuse those already in the midst of battle. If you are a Khajiit priest, using the Calm spell may remind you of the sweet gift of Skooma, while a Bosmer might prefer the spell Courage.

Conjuration: To summon Daedra and bring the dead back is something only a madman would do. Of course it would be one of your most talented skills! You are a low-offensive character, preferring to leave your fate up to chance and the Madgod's will. However, there are a few sticky situations where you just need a little help. Permanent Thralls help support the usually low-combative nature of your character.

Speech: In order to spread His madness, you have to be able to communicate the beauty of his gift - this is a missionary trip after all! When people aren't ready to hear you, there are other more subtle ways to drive people to madness. Using the Investor perk allows you to help a humble shopkeeper improve their business; make sure to sell them all those wooden plates you picked up from your cheese-collecting adventures! This skill set also lets you get the most bang for your buck and move on in the financial world, allowing you to reach more people and acquire more cheese!

A Closer Look at Sheogorath

© 2017 Katleigh Merrier


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