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The Reason League of Legends has so Much Negativity in Ranked Games

Updated on November 24, 2012

If you have ever been in a ranked game of League of Legends then you have experienced the rage and negativity that comes with it. League of Legends is a great games but has by far some of the worst and most toxic players of any other online video game. In this article we will examine the reasons why the LoL community has become so toxic.

Extreme Competetiveness

With the ranked ladders of League of Legends comes a lot of pressure and expectation to perform well. Especially for players that are attempting to go into the pro circuit and get noticed by competitive teams. This is why there is so much rage in ranked matches. There is such a high expectation and desire to win and preform well.

  • Professional Community: The desire to become pro causes people to rage a lot more than normal and this rage is extremely contagious. One toxic player can cause many other players to become toxic and completely ruin a game.
  • The professional community is great and is one of the reasons League is so popular and successful. Just like with anything it comes with the good and the bad. People should focus less on the competitive aspect of the game and more on having fun.

Maturity Level

Let's face it. League of Legends has a lot of younger players playing the game and with younger players comes immature behavior. I believe there are a lot of younger kids playing the game and most of the time they are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to toxic players. However, I am not saying that all younger players are toxic. I am just saying they are more prone to being toxic.

  • Honestly nothing can really be done about this and it just comes with the territory. League is very popular and has a very large and diverse community.

Team Aspect

If all League of Legends games where one verse one then there really woundn't be that much of a problem with negativity and rage. The fact that this game is team game gives is a lot more expectation and disappointment of teams.

  • League has and will always be and team game. If you do not like that aspect of the game then it is probably in your best interests to find a different game to play. Instead of expecting from your team, have expectations for yourself and try to focus on your own play.


Smurfing causes a lot of problems because it is just a part of the game that makes games unbalanced. If you do not know what smurfing is it is when people play on lower leveled and ranked accounts when they are experienced and better players. This causes a lot of the rage because people are being matched up against people that are way better than them.

  • The solution to this would be to either go after the smurfs or just accept it as part of the game. Some people are just naturally better than others and this leads to negativity when people do poorly. The best solution is to no get upset with a team member that gets outplayed because it happens to everyone and no one should feel bad for having it happen to them.


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