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The Reasons Behind Our Love For Video Games

Updated on April 7, 2017

Why video games are so popular is a question asked by many people. Video games do nothing but deprive us of our precious time and offer almost nothing in return, hence raising the question again: why are they so popular? To answer this, we must figure out why playing video games are so pleasurable.

The Sense of Accomplishment

We always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when we pass a super hard level, or if we managed to get an achievement we have been dreaming about. All the frustrations and tiring work builds up to the moment of success when all your efforts seem to pay off and you feel nothing but pure joy. Why are we so obsessed with these virtual achievements then? It can be explained by the desperate need of recognition. We human beings need recognition, and video games are able to offer us just that. The awards we receive when we reach a certain level, the special weapons we get when we complete a super hard quest- all these are recognitions of your skills. The accomplishments earned through hard work makes us believed we are recognized, whether it be for our skills, perseverance, etc., and this recognition gives us a huge feeling of accomplishment.

The Sense of Control

Video games can give us a sense of control which most of us rarely attain from real life. In the game we are the supreme power, and can affect the course of the entire game. We are free to control our own actions, as well as the fate other characters in the game. This feeling of freedom and the power to direct the game is the reason why we find playing games to be so satisfying.

The Feeling of Stability

Life isn’t always perfect. Heck, sometimes it’s far from that! You might be unemployed right now, or you just got scolded for your parents, but one thing that remains unchanged regardless of the situation is – a video game. A video game offers stability and an unchanging set of rules, unlike the fast-paced society we live in right now. If you ever feel stressed or confused with life, video games will always be there for you; you are familiar with them, thus feeling most comfortable around them. These games can be said to be a virtual harbor for you to hide from the unpredictability of real life.

An Escape From Reality

The intensiveness as well as the amount of concentration that goes into playing video games help players push their worries aside and make them unresponsive to the real world for a while. Video games offer an alternative reality where they matter, and are important, and often better than our reality, causing gamers to hide from the real world in the virtual reality.

A Final Note

I would just like to clarify that the purpose of this article is just for me to share some of my thoughts on the reason behind video games’ popularity. I am not saying through this article that video games are bad, but rather to explain why people may sometimes be obsessed, or even addicted to it. I hope that I have offered some new perspectives, and have successfully answered the questions raised in this article.


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 11 months ago from Singapore

      You're so right about stability. Almost always, games give that assurance that, well, if you grind hard enough, good things will come.

      Not the same could be said about life. Sadly.